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Gergana may refer to:

  • Gergana (Bulgarian singer), Bulgarian pop-folk singer
  • Gergena Branzova, former professional basketball player
  • Gergana Kochanova, first runner-up in the Miss Bulgaria 2007 contest
  • Gergana Velinova, co-founder of the Bulgarian Children's Chorus and School Gergana
  • Gerri Peev, British-Bulgarian journalist
  • 4102 Gergana, a main-belt asteroid
  • Gergana, an opera by Georgi Atanasov
  • Gergana (poem), a poem by Petko Slaveykov
Gergana (Bulgarian singer)

Gergana Georgieva Katsarska (born November 30, 1984 in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer, often referred to as "the Barbie doll of pop-folk". Her early career (2003-2004) was marked by the runaway success of her debut single "Губя те бавно" followed by a best-selling first album. In recent years, Gergana has seen a significant decline in popularity.

Gergana (poem)

Gergana (in Bulgarian: Изворът на Белоногата) is a poem written in 1873 by the famous Bulgarian poet Petko Slaveykov.

The story is about a beautiful Bulgarian girl, Gergana. While she is at the fountain to get some water, an Ottoman vizier sees her, and tries to persuade her to follow him to Istanbul. She tells him that even if she followed him, she wouldn't love him as much as she loves her beloved Bulgaria, her parents, and her boy Nicola. The vizier, very impressed by her determination, leaves. In the second part of the poem Gergana is languishing and she eventually dies, possibly because her shadow was "walled up" into the fountain.

This is one of the most studied and examined works in the Bulgarian literature and many books have been written on the subject. Most critics embrace the theory that Gergana is the symbol of the Bulgarian woman, her strength and willpower.

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