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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A second-rate Egyptologist unearths the diary of Eye, the grand vizier of the boy-king Tut.
▪ After 13 years as a slave, Joseph becomes Pharaoh's vizier.
▪ It comes from a text on the duties of a vizier and was probably copied from a much earlier document.
▪ The ageing king, Al-Kadir, was murdered and one of his viziers proclaimed the new overlord.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vizier \Viz"ier\, n. [Ar. wez[=i]r, waz[=i]r, properly, a bearer of burdens, a porter, from wazara to bear a burden: cf. F. vizir, visir. Cf. Alguazil.] A councilor of state; a high executive officer in Turkey and other Oriental countries. [Written also visier, vizir, and vizer.]

Grand vizier, the chief minister of the Turkish empire; -- called also vizier-azem.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also vizir, 1560s, from Turkish vezir "counsellor," from Arabic wazir "viceroy," literally "one who bears (the burden of office)," literally "porter, carrier," from wazara "he carried." But Klein says Arabic wazir is from Avestan viçira "arbitrator, judge." He also says it replaced Arabic katib, literally "writer," in the sense "secretary of state."


alt. A high-ranking official or minister in an Islamic government, especially in the Ottoman Empire. n. A high-ranking official or minister in an Islamic government, especially in the Ottoman Empire.


n. a high official in a Muslim government (especially in the Ottoman Empire)


The VizieR Catalogue Service is an astronomical catalog service provided by Centre de données astronomiques de Strasbourg.

The origin of the VizieR Catalogue Service dates back to 1993 as the ESA European Space Information System Catalogue Browser. Initially intended to serve the Space Science community, the ESIS project pre-dates the World Wide Web as a network database allowing uniform access to a heterogeneous set of catalogues and data.

The Centre de données astronomiques de Strasbourg had for years collected and disseminated astronomical data, so the original ESIS Catalogue Browser was transferred to and stored at CDS. Since its inception in 1996, VizieR has become a reference point for astronomers worldwide engaged in research, who come to access catalogued data regularly published in astronomical journals. The new VizieR service was refurbished in 1997 by the CDS to better serve the community in terms of searching capabilities and data volume. As of March 2012 it contains more than 9800 catalogues.

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Vizier (Ancient Egypt)

The vizier ( or ) was the highest official in Ancient Egypt to serve the king, or pharaoh during the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. Vizier is the generally accepted rendering of ancient Egyptian tjati, tjaty etc., among Egyptologists. The Instruction of Rekhmire ( Installation of the Vizier), a New Kingdom text, defines many of the duties of the tjaty, and lays down codes of behavior. The viziers were often appointed by the pharaoh. During the 4th Dynasty and early 5th Dynasty, viziers were exclusively drawn from the royal family, while from the period around the reign of Neferirkare Kakai onwards, they were chosen according to loyalty and talent or inherited the position from their fathers.

Vizier (Ebla)

Vizier ( or ), is the title used by modern scholars to indicate the head of the administration in the first Eblaite kingdom. The title holder held the highest position after the king and controlled the army. During the reign of king Isar-Damu, the office of vizier became hereditary.

Usage examples of "vizier".

An ample share of their wisdom and virtue is due to a Persian vizier, who ruled the empire under the reigns of Alp Arslan and his son.

We hereby nominate our faithful charger Copula Felix hereditary Grand Vizier and announce that we have this day repudiated our former spouse and have bestowed our royal hand upon the princess Selene, the splendour of night.

In the first place they were wholly incompatible: the Vizier despised Omar Pasha as an illiterate brute and the Dey despised the Vizier as a cotquean, in spite of his numerous harem, his collection of guns and his status as an important shareholder in the larger associations of corsairs.

It has always been my opinion that when a man sets himself determinedly to do something, and thinks of nought but his design, he must succeed despite all difficulties in his path: such an one may make himself Pope or Grand Vizier, he may overturn an ancient line of kings--provided that he knows how to seize on his opportunity, and be a man of wit and pertinacity.

Feshnavat, the son of Feil, that was my Vizier, he that was envious of Shagpat, and whom we spared in our clemency.

A Frenchman by birth, he had served in the Venetian army during the last war against the Turks in 1716, under the command of Field-Marshal the Count of Schulenbourg, who made the Grand Vizier raise the siege of Corfu.

He disguised himself as a Turk, and penetrated into the Mussulman quarters, but at the same time he was also in the service of the Grand Vizier, and being detected in this course he certainly had reason to be thankful for being allowed to die in The Wells.

Emir el Hamel el Kebir and his Vizier, the Sheikh el Habibka, stately men in fine raiment.

Emir el Hamel el Kebir and his Vizier, the Sheikh el Habibka, to sit apart from all men, that they might converse of high matters of state in the completest privacy.

There they were admitted to the presence of the Vizier, before whom two Moollahs, the most ignorant and discourteous whom he had met in Persia, were set to argue with the English priest.

He disarmed the vizier while Yualla strolled over to where Murg squatted, snuffling and trembling, and searched him for weapons.

Kafka was kind of grand vizier to Bloat and was always trying to make sure his boss got the treatment merited by his position as governor of the Rox, and not that earned by his appearance.

The shoes, a hereditary perk of high viziership required that the high vizier be physically carried from place to place since walking was almost impossible.

Eastern vizier, who will empty his coffers to purchase them, and refill them by applying the bastinado to his subjects.

Then she calmed down the white flames of the circles that enclosed Shibli Bagarag and the Vizier Feshnavat, and they stepped forth, marvelling at the greatness of her sorceries that held such a Genie in bondage.