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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a French/geography/history etc class
▪ I have a history class at nine o'clock today.
physical geography
political geography
▪ He learned at first hand the economic geography of the regnum francorum.
▪ Conventional questionnaire studies in economic geography tend to take what people say at face value.
▪ Translated into disciplinary terms, the study of international economic geography should precede social geography and town planning.
▪ Other basic requirements for this Institute are a wide knowledge of the structure of commerce and an appreciation of economic geography.
▪ Coming to the subject by way of the biological sciences, she stressed the value of biological principles applied to human geography.
▪ There was a time when the soil nexus held the promise of unifying physical and human geography.
▪ Hence the prospect of an energy related and integrated physical geography including geomorphological processes may not be too far beyond the horizon.
▪ In geomorphology the impact of studies of process was perhaps most substantial and also the most dramatic in physical geography.
▪ Such omission is completely in sympathy with the trend in physical geography for nearly a century after Man and Nature.
▪ This trend is exemplified by all branches of physical geography.
▪ Processes were scrutinized to remedy deficiencies internal to physical geography.
▪ However such an environmental physical geography is more a focus than a means.
▪ The physical geography of the city in general can now complement studies already undertaken of specific cities.
▪ It is apparent that even where investigations have commenced within physical geography they have often proceeded to become intertwined with other disciplines.
▪ But to generalize from such sensational particulars as these is to ignore both commonsense and political geography.
▪ Statutory planning has influenced the evolving social geography of postwar Britain in two main ways.
▪ Within social geography these constructs have been used to examine landscape identity.
▪ Much 1970s social geography examining the life-world can be faulted for this over-reaction.
▪ It is noteworthy in this respect that relatively few recent reviews of social geography refer directly to interaction as a discrete topic.
▪ But the stability of London's social geography is remarkable.
▪ Translated into disciplinary terms, the study of international economic geography should precede social geography and town planning.
▪ Meanwhile, the geography department is engaged in a losing battle to save up for new atlases.
▪ It bothered me that they should treat me like a geography lesson for their son.
▪ What effects has geography had on the population?
▪ It is a remote country with difficult communications, climate and geography.
▪ More than most children his age, he had an interest in world events and geography.
▪ The process is constricted by three factors -- population, minority distribution and simple geography.
▪ They are all designed by a human programmer, and so is the geography of the labyrinth.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

geography \ge*og"ra*phy\, n.; pl. Geographies. [F. g['e]ographie, l. geographia, fr. Gr. ?; ge`a, gh^, the earth + ? description, fr. ? to write, describe.

  1. The science which treats of the world and its inhabitants; a description of the earth, or a portion of the earth, including its structure, features, products, political divisions, and the people by whom it is inhabited. It also includes the responses and adaptations of people to topography, climate, soil and vegetation

  2. A treatise on this science.

    Astronomical geography, or Mathematical geography, treats of the earth as a planet, of its shape, its size, its lines of latitude and longitude, its zones, and the phenomena due to to the earth's diurnal and annual motions.

    Physical geography treats of the conformation of the earth's surface, of the distribution of land and water, of minerals, plants, animals, etc., and applies the principles of physics to the explanation of the diversities of climate, productions, etc.

    Political geography treats of the different countries into which earth is divided with regard to political and social and institutions and conditions.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Middle French géographie (15c.), from Latin geographia, from Greek geographia "description of the earth's surface," from geo- "earth" + -graphia "description" (see -graphy).


n. 1 The study of the physical structure and inhabitants of the Earth. 2 The physical structure of a particular region; terrain.


n. study of the earth's surface; includes people's responses to topography and climate and soil and vegetation [syn: geographics]

Geography (album)

Geography is the debut album by Front 242, released in 1982.

Geography (disambiguation)

Geography is the study of the earth and its features, inhabitants, and phenomena.

Geography may also refer to:

  • Geography (album), 1982 album by Front 242
  • Geography (Ptolemy), Ptolemy's main work besides the Almagest
  • Geography (Strabo), Strabo's 17-volume geographic encyclopedia
  • Geography (journal), published by the Geographical Association
  • Geography (game), a word chain game played on cities
Geography (Ptolemy)

The Geography (, Geōgraphikḕ Hyphḗgēsis, "Geographical Guidance"), also known by its Latin names as the and the , is a gazetteer, an atlas, and a treatise on cartography, compiling the geographical knowledge of the 2nd-century Roman Empire. Originally written by Ptolemy in Greek at Alexandria around AD 150, the work was a revision of a now-lost atlas by Marinus of Tyre using additional Roman and Persian gazetteers and new principles. Its translation into Arabic in the 9th century and Latin in 1406 was highly influential on the geographical knowledge and cartographic traditions of the medieval Caliphate and Renaissance Europe.


Geography (from Greek , geographia, literally "earth description") is a field of science devoted to the study of the lands, the features, the inhabitants, and the phenomena of Earth. The first person to use the word "γεωγραφία" was Eratosthenes (276–194 BC). Four historical traditions in geographical research are spatial analysis of the natural and the human phenomena (geography as the study of distribution), area studies (places and regions), study of the human-land relationship, and research in the Earth sciences. Nonetheless, modern geography is an all-encompassing discipline that foremost seeks to understand the Earth and all of its human and natural complexities—not merely where objects are, but how they have changed and come to be. Geography has been called "the world discipline" and "the bridge between the human and the physical science". Geography is divided into two main branches: human geography and physical geography.

Usage examples of "geography".

Your records state that you are a leading authority on physical geography and biogeography, not to mention your experience in a wide array of areas--atmospheric sciences, chemistry, oceanography, physics, botany, and microbiology.

Unlike Innail and Norloch, the only Schools Maerad knew, Busk was not planned in concentric circlesthe geography of the island, steep and irregular, made this impossible.

The article interested him more than most, being familiar himself with the geography of knees owing to his own torn cruciate ligaments, but he was soon lost in the technicalities of the protocols and thumbing listlessly through learned articles on hyperthyroidism, shingles, and sundry -ectomies and -omas.

While up at Trinity College, Cambridge, Dacre had taken a First in mathematics, but his abiding interest was geography.

The great tide of human intelligence had long withdrawn, but the people had retained a good understanding of the land, its geography, and resources: efficient foraging was an essential skill if you were to find food and water in this desperately arid landscape.

Her fragrant hair tickled his face as he strayed slow kisses there and caressed the lovesome geography of her, the flat, solid muscles in her back, the flesh of her nape under its wanning hair-cover.

We shall give a few of these, because there may be, in some of them, preserved by tradition, or copied from earlier prototypes, certain features and nomenclature that, with the help of fresh data, will form, at the least, the disjecta membra of a chain of evidence that may throw additional light on ancient geography generally, and on the geography of Australasian regions in particular.

A few mechanical acts of devotion and outward forms, very little real religion, a good deal of deceit, often profligate habits, a little reading and writing, many useless accomplishments, small music and less drawing, no history, no geography or mythology, hardly any mathematics, and nothing to make a girl a good wife and a good mother.

But this new geography is sullied by the old and incompatible error which places the source of the Nile in India.

So strong is the apperceiving force of familiar notions that they drag far-distant scenes in geography and history into the home neighborhood and locate them there.

Her prime weaknesses, aside from the habit of prosaic disillusionment, are a tendency toward erroneous geography and history and a fatal predilection for bestrewing her novels with insipid little poems, attributed to one or another of the characters.

And then, after you have exhausted a milliard lifetimes in biology and medicine and theo-criticism and geography and history and economics, why, you can start to make a cartwheel out of the appropriate wood, or spend fifty years learning to begin to learn to beat your adversary at fencing.

Due to geography, and to its physical layout, the Charlotte branch, dubbed the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner, was chosen for the processing of specimens collected at the incident morgue in Bryson City.

There were thus laid down, though not a scientific, at least a philological basis, for the future development of the natural sciences and geography.

World Gup games thaire n besides, ah wis eywis shite at geography back at the school.