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Etymology 1 n. ('',,'') an inlet, gully or cleft in the face of a cliff Etymology 2

n. (mathematics, slang) set square Etymology 3

n. 1 geography 2 (rare) geology Etymology 4

a. (obsolete) strange


GEO or Geo may refer to any of the following:

In computational & scientific use:

  • GEO (magazine), a popular scientific magazine
  • GEO 600, a detector for gravitational radiation
  • Global Environment Outlook, an environmental assessment produced by the United Nations
  • Geo (microformat), a microformat for marking up geographical coordinates in (X)HTML
  • Geo URI, an IETF proposed standard for making URIs for physical locations
  • Gene Expression Omnibus, a National Center for Biotechnology Information database for gene expression
  • Geostationary Earth orbit, another name for geostationary orbit, a geosynchronous orbit directly above the Earth's equator.

In commercial use:

  • Geomarketing, a discipline within marketing analysis
  • Geo TV, a leading television channel in Pakistan
  • Geo (automobile), a defunct brand of entry-level cars produced by General Motors
  • GEO Group, a prison corporation


  • Geo. is sometimes an abbreviation of the name George
  • Geo Bogza, Romanian poet and essayist
  • Geo Dumitrescu, Romanian poet
  • Geo Stelar is the protagonist in Mega Man Star Force
  • Christian Geo Heltboe, Danish comedian known by his middle name Geo
  • Geo, a fictional character on the Nick Jr. television show, Team Umizoomi

As a group:

  • Grupo Especial de Operaciones, a division of the Spanish police
  • General Education Officer, the basic rank of teachers of the Ministry of Education in Singapore
  • Group on Earth Observations, an intergovernmental organization

As a place:

  • GEO, the IATA code for Cheddi Jagan International Airport
  • Estadio Casas GEO, stadium in Mexicali, Mexico
  • Geo (landscape), a creek (inlet) or gulley in the Orkney and Shetland Islands
  • The IOC country code and three letter country code for , a Eurasian country
  • Geo City, a fictional city in the videogame Raw Danger
Geo (automobile)

Geo was a marque of small cars made by General Motors as a subdivision of its Chevrolet division from 1989 to 1997. Its original slogan was "Get to know Geo." Formed by GM to compete with the growing small import market of the mid 1980s, the line continued through the 1997 model year, after which the remaining models were marketed under the Chevrolet name. Geo's logo was based on the Chevrolet logo and the newest look had a small Chevrolet Bowtie logo placed within the "O" in Geo. In the 1990s consumer interest in the economy compact market faded, and the last vehicle of the former Geo line, the Tracker, was discontinued in 2004. In Canada, another import marque, Asüna, was introduced in 1992 to provide Pontiac- Buick- GMC dealers access to a similar range of import vehicles.

Geo models were manufactured by GM in joint ventures with three Japanese automakers. The Prizm was produced at the GM/ Toyota joint-venture NUMMI assembly plant in Fremont, California, and the Metro and Tracker were produced at the GM/ Suzuki joint-venture CAMI assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ontario. The exceptions, the Spectrum and Storm, were entirely manufactured by Isuzu in Japan. Geo Metro convertibles and early Geo Trackers were built by Suzuki in Japan.

GEO (magazine)

GEO is a family of educational monthly magazines similar to the National Geographic magazine. It is known for its detailed reports and pictures.

Geo (microforamt)
Geo (landscape)

A geo or gio ( , from Old Norse gjá) is an inlet, a gully or a narrow and deep cleft in the face of a cliff. Geos are common on the coastline of the Shetland and Orkney islands. They are created by the wave driven erosion of cliffs along faults and bedding planes in the rock. Geos may have sea caves at their heads. Such sea caves may collapse, extending the geo, or leaving depressions inland from the geo.

Geo (microformat)

Geo is a microformat used for marking up WGS84 geographical coordinates ( latitude; longitude) in (X)HTML. Although termed a "draft" specification, this is a formality, and the format is stable and in widespread use; not least as a sub-set of the published hCalendar and hCard microformat specifications, neither of which is still a draft.

Use of Geo allows parsing tools (for example other websites, or Firefox's Operator extension) to extract the locations, and display them using some other website or mapping tool, or to load them into a GPS device, index or aggregate them, or convert them into an alternative format.

Usage examples of "geo".

She had pulled her veil aside now, and Geo saw, where her hand had again raised to her throat, the tips of her slim fingers held an identical jewel, only this one in a platinum claw, hung from a wrought gold chain.

Now, Geo, we will see how good a poet you are, and if the spell works.

Urson was called for duty right after breakfast, but no one bothered either Snake or Geo that first morning.

Snake would slip off somewhere and Geo would be left to wander the ship alone.

Urson, in his new, triple neckchain, joined Snake and Geo at the rail.

As it fell, Iimmi and Geo were upon it with theirs, clubbing its chest and head.

Three more times the flapping sounded behind them, behind the wall, Geo realized.

Iimmi was up on his feet in a second, and Geo beside him, their staffs in hand.

With his free hand Geo ripped the jewels from his neck and flung the confused handful of thong and chain over the heads of the shrieking beasts.

As they passed around the edge of the broken building, Geo looked for the corpse they had left there, but it was gone.

Before he had taken two strokes, Geo felt familiar hands suddenly grasp his body from below.

When they reached the next turn off that led to a still higher ramp, Geo looked back.

As Urson, Geo and Iimmi moved closer, one stopped, and then the other a few steps before the first.

The woman left the room, Geo finished removing the phones, and Iimmi looked at him.

Then, as best he could, he repeated the conversation he had overheard to Iimmi, whose expression grew more and more bewildered as Geo went on.