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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gill \Gill\, n. A leech. [Also gell.] [Scot.]


n. 1 (eye dialect of girl English) 2 (alternative form of gill nodot=yes English) (a leech)


Gell is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alan Gell
  • Alfred Gell
  • David Gell
  • John Gell (disambiguation)
  • Murray Gell-Mann
  • Philip Gell (disambiguation)
  • Rob Gell
  • William Gell

Usage examples of "gell".

The scant regulars who still patronized the Broken Spar looked up from their drinks in a pickled haze, the silent misery on their faces yielding to fear as Gell MarBoreth, Knight of the Lily, swaggered in.

Rancis had raised his eyebrows, regarding Gell with the bland expression that always heralded some deeply pithy remark.

Despite the formality of the gesture, there was an air of mockery about his friend that would have infuriated Gell, had it come from anyone else.

He was smiling at this thought when, with a suddenness Gell could scarcely believe, the alleyway came alive.

Later, when Gell had time to reflect, he managed to sort out the order in which events had occurred.

Scowling in irritation, Gell tried to shake it loose, but its grip was fast.

Shrieking in panic, they scattered in every direction, shoving past Gell and the stunned brutes as they fled in abject terror.

The crowd parted a bit more speedily than usual when Gell strode into the Broken Spar that evening.

A particularly violent and sacrilegious curse occurred to Gell, but his knightly decorum kept him from speaking it aloud.

Though bound and gagged, the gully dwarf found some way to moan pathetically as Gell and Typak entered.

In the end, Typak had to hold the dwarf down while Gell loosened the muzzle.

Glert furrowed his brow in intense concentration, and Gell worried that it might be hours before he thought of the answer.

His excitement growing, Gell found himself nodding right along with the delighted dwarf.

For a moment, Gell had the terrible feeling the little wretch was lost, but soon Glert nodded, mumbling to himself.

For want of anything better to do, and feeling a bit giddy, Gell waved back.