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The Collaborative International Dictionary

gein \ge"in\ (j[=e]"[i^]n), n. [Gr. gh^ earth.] (Chem.) See Humin.


Humin \Hu"min\, n. [L. humus the earth, ground.] (Chem.) A bitter, brownish yellow, amorphous substance, extracted from vegetable mold, and also produced by the action of acids on certain sugars and carbohydrates; -- called also humic acid, ulmin, gein, ulmic or geic acid, etc.


n. (context chemistry English) humin

Gein (disambiguation)

Gein may refer to:

  • Ed Gein (1906–1984), American murderer
  • Gidget Gein (1969–2008), American musician and artist
  • Ed Gein (band), a Syracuse grindcore band named after the serial killer
  • Gein metro station, also neighbourhood, in Amsterdam-Zuidoost
  • Gein, comic book character from Rurouni Kenshin, see list of characters
  • Jasper Gein, video game character in Silent Hill 4

Usage examples of "gein".

There were more gothic movie monsters, sado porn of graphic severity, and portraits of some of their cultural iconsJim Morrison, Morthland, Lord Byron, Bela Lugosi, Bradford Hess, Ed Gein, John Lydon, and Freddie the Psycho.

Ed Gein locked onto him, and the Wisconsin trailblazer shuffled over, close enough that Ted caught the dead flesh smells emanating from his grizzled carcass.

Leopold and Loeb, Capone and Dillinger, Gacy and Gein, Speck and Bundy, and the rest of the parolees from oblivion strolled away, a swaggering gait, leaving the cornfield, hitting the dark road that passed outside the farm, a short walk that would take them into the heart of a town called Plum Creek.

Cottingham, Christie, Haigh, Gein, Denke, De Rais, Beane, Fish, Landru, Holmes and the team captain and centre forward, Jack Lane.

But Gein is there nicely acquired, across to Fish, up that left wing again.

One of the most well known necrophiles was a psychotic named Ed Gein, who started off by raiding cemeteries.

John Saxon was going really goofy, like Ed Gein goofy, and he went across Florida Boulevard and was found digging into a fresh grave.

Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, Maniac, Three on a Meathook, Deranged, Ed Gein, The Movie, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

All in all, the house and the surrounding land contained the remains of 15 bodies but Gein himself admitted that he had murdered only two - Worden and Mary Hogan, a tavern keeper on December 8, 1954.

Norm Ballard, a second-rate Ed Gein who liked to waylay unwary travelers who happened by his out-of-the-way Nebraska farm.