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GCI can stand for:


  • GCI (company), an Alaska-based telecommunications company
  • Gannett Company Inc., a U.S. newspaper company whose ticker symbol is GCI
  • Great Coasters International, a company that builds roller coasters


  • Global Commons Institute, a UK-based climate change campaign
  • Grace Communion International, an evangelical Christian denomination based in Glendora, California, United States
  • Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., a progressive political consulting organization
  • Great Commission International, a US-based religious organization
  • Green Cross International, an environmental organisation founded in 1993

Schools and colleges:

  • Government College Ikorodu, a college in Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Glebe Collegiate Institute, a high school in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Galt Collegiate Institute, a high school in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

In science:

  • Geomagnetically induced current, a manifestation at ground level of space weather
  • Glial Cytoplasmic Inclusion, in medicine

In technology:

  • GCI railcar, a type of railcar used in the 20th century in Belgium
  • Google Code-In, an annual programming contest
  • Ground-controlled interception, an air defense tactic using radar-directed fighter aircraft
  • General Circuit Interface, an ISDN PCM control protocol equivalent to IOM-2TM
  • Generic Call Interface, in the REXX programming language

Other uses:

  • Global Competitiveness Index, a world economic index in use since 2004
  • Gotham City Impostors, a 2012 video game
  • Guernsey Airport (IATA Code), on the island of Guernsey
  • First Geneva Convention, establishing standards of international law relating to war, adopted in 1864
  • Gross Commission Income, a term used in real estate for budgeting purposes
GCI (company)

General Communication Inc. (GCI) is a telecommunications corporation operating in Alaska. Through its own facilities and agreements with other providers, GCI provides cable television service, Internet access, and Wireline (networking) and cellular telephone service.