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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ His gunman would appear behind a strip of scenic gauze.
▪ I lay on the floor in the pale gauze of winter twilight, recalling all the Great Women of the Telephone.
▪ Like all paintings of its period, it had a veiled quality, as though it were covered in dark gauze.
▪ Put the gauze in position and place the cover over to keep out light.
▪ The electrodes were made from platinum-blacked platinum gauze to minimize electrode polarization at low frequencies.
▪ Under these conditions the methane jets pushed the candle flame outside the gauze, causing explosions.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gauze \Gauze\ (g[add]z), n. [F. gaze; so called because it was first introduced from Gaza, a city of Palestine.] A very thin, slight, transparent stuff, generally of silk; also, any fabric resembling silk gauze; as, wire gauze; cotton gauze.

Gauze dresser, one employed in stiffening gauze.


Gauze \Gauze\, a. Having the qualities of gauze; thin; light; as, gauze merino underclothing.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1560s, gais, from French gaze, conjectured to be from Arabic gazz "raw silk" [Barnhart], or from Gaza, Palestinian city associated with production of this fabric [Klein, Du Cagne].


n. 1 A thin fabric with a loose, open weave. 2 A similar bleached cotton fabric used as a surgical dressing. 3 A thin woven metal or plastic mesh. 4 wire gauze, used as fence. 5 mist or haze vb. 1 To apply a dressing of gauze 2 To mist

  1. n. (medicine) bleached cotton cloth of plain weave used for bandages and dressings [syn: gauze bandage]

  2. a net of transparent fabric with a loose open weave [syn: netting, veiling]

Gauze (album)

Gauze is the first studio album released by Dir En Grey on July 28, 1999. It is the band's first full-length record. Five tracks were produced by X Japan co-founder Yoshiki Hayashi, all of which had been previously released as singles. The album was originally released on July 28, 1999 as a standard version with a thick CD case, 36-page booklet with the CD reading surface painted red, through East West Japan. An initial limited version was released on the same day, including a translucent red sleeve with a cloud pattern, 12-page picture booklet, a 36-page lyrics booklet, and the red painted CD in a maxi-CD single case for a sticker price of ¥3,059. The album was later re-issued as standard version only, with a silver disc on October 31, 2001 through Free-Will. Although live performances of songs from this album have been extremely rare since 2003, the album still contains some of the band's most popular songs like " Cage" and " Yokan".

The lyrics booklet features two pages for each song; one features the lyrics, while the facing page features a picture and a small poem or verse, as a companion piece.

Gauze (band)

Gauze is a hardcore– punk band from Japan. Since their formation in 1981, Gauze has been a major influence in both the Japanese hardcore scene, and the underground hardcore scene around the world.


Gauze is a thin, translucent fabric with a loose open weave. In technical terms "gauze" is a weave structure in which the weft yarns are arranged in pairs and are crossed before and after each warp yarn keeping the weft firmly in place. This weave structure is used to add stability to fabric, which is important when using fine yarns loosely spaced. However, this weave structure can be used with any weight of yarn, and can be seen in some rustic textiles made from coarse hand-spun plant fiber yarns.

Gauze (62045)

Gauze-62045- (stylized GAUZE-62045-) is a music video compilation released by Dir En Grey on November 17, 1999 ( VHS) and April 19, 2000 ( DVD) respectively, marking the band's first DVD release. It features videos for every song on the Gauze album along with commercials aired before, during and after the Gauze era, not including " Myaku".

Usage examples of "gauze".

Behind him sat the apish behemoth Jingles with his head swathed in white gauze.

A separate race wrapped in wedding-white gauze, and Beane wanted me now for his bride.

I smoothed my hands down my lightweight gauze ruffly, beflounced broomstick skirt, wondering if Tiffany was being catty or if my hips did, in fact, look so massive she had to give me a gentle pointer.

Then he checked his first-aid kit for bandage roll, tourniquet, sterile gauze compress, one-shot antirabies serum, boric acid solution.

When she returned, Tannim had strapped himself inand Thomas Cadge was asleep in the back seat with an improvised bandage of white gauze from the first-aid kit thankfully covering the ruins of his eyes.

I had before me a magnificent appearance, but I could not see the soul of the image, for a thick gauze concealed it from my hungry gaze.

She stepped lightly toward him, eyes bright, a celestial vision of floaty ivory gauze and titian curls.

Eyes wide with anticipation, the child tore off the wrappings to uncover a doll dressed in a floaty sari of sparkling green gauze.

Those who resisted its intrusion found that their freewill was brushed aside like so much insubstantial gauze.

It has also the advantage, through a large cap, of concealing the hair, and the white gauze which covers the face does not allow the colour of the eyes or of the eyebrows to be seen, but in order to prevent the costume from hindering the movements of the mask, he must not wear anything underneath, and in winter a dress made of light calico is not particularly agreeable.

I dressed in the sheerest of gauzes and lay beneath a linen shade by the fountain in the atrium, Hylas panting by my side.

Mama Nilla was desperately trying to pacify him with a squeeze bottle of formula with one hand while holding a reddening gauze pad to the forehead of a crying five-year-old with the other.

She was draped in lucent, misty voluminous robes of delicate gauze, in hue the faintest shade of pearly, opaline green.

Most gentlemen regarded them with affection, but rumors sometimes told of ladies drenching an especially hated Phane in tincture of ammonia, which matted her pelt and destroyed her gauze forever.

The Phane, though so carefully bred as to seem a delicate girl, if used sexually became crumpled and haggard, with gauzes drooping and discolored, and everyone would know that such and such a gentleman had misused his Phane.