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n. (context South Africa English) A snack consisting of a baguette filled with french fry, sauce, and other ingredients.


Gatsby may refer to:

  • The Great Gatsby, a 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • The Great Gatsby (disambiguation), an index of adaptations of the novel
    • Jay Gatsby, the novel's central character
    • Any of the films based on the novel, particularly The Great Gatsby (2013 film), which was marketed as just "Gatsby"
  • Gatsby Charitable Foundation, a grant-making trust based in London
  • GATSBY, a Japanese cosmetic brand by Mandom, well known for its 'Moving Rubber' range of hair wax
  • Gatsby (sandwich), a South African food mainly popular in Cape Town, comes in the form of a long roll with fillings of anything ranging from polony to chicken or steak and hot chips
  • Gatsby cap, a hat with a stiff front brim, overlaid with a round body
  • Gatsbys American Dream , a progressive rock band from Seattle, Washington
Gatsby (sandwich)

A Gatsby is a South African submarine sandwich typically sold as a foot-long sandwich sliced into four portions. It is a popular sandwich in the Western Cape province, with many fast food and takeaway restaurants, stores and food stands purveying them. One large sandwich may be shared among several people. The Gatsby is also sometimes mistakenly referred to as the nickname AK47, which is a variant of the sandwich made in Johannesburg, in part due to how it can be held in one's arm in a similar manner to the firearm. It has been described as a "filling, budget meal", a standard menu item in Cape Town corner stores, and as a significant part of the heritage and a cultural symbol of Cape Flats, where it originated from.

Gatsby usually consist of long bread rolls cut lengthwise and opened up to form a sort of cradle which is filled with various fillings. While the choice of filling in a Gatsby varies widely depending on customer preference and vendor, one standard item is usually hot chips, i.e., French fries or slap chips (French fries with vinegar). Hot dog buns and roti flat bread are sometimes used, and it is typically prepared using a sauce, most commonly achar or piri piri. They are typically a large-sized sandwich, and have been described as suitable for sharing among several people.

Different varieties of Gatsbys use meat ingredients such as chargrilled steak, masala steak, fresh or pickled fish, calamari, chicken, polony, curry, Vienna sausage, Russian sausage and eggs.

Usage examples of "gatsby".

That description of Gatsby by Nick Carraway -- of Scott, by Fitzgerald -- might just as well be of J.

A brown Jay Gatsby -- not black and with a head that would never be white: he moved from the very beginning with the same instinct that drove Gatsby -- an endless fascination with that green light at the end of the pier.

For a moment I thought of Jay Gatsby standing at the top of the stairs of his Long Island mansion watching his party guests.

Emma thought of Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan transplanted to a Texas honky-tonk.

I skirted the parking lot, trying to imagine TJ behind the wheel of one of these surreyed golf carts-sun-kissed and healthy, wearing crisp Jay Gatsby whites, on his way to enjoying the first martini of the day.

Natalie focused on one of the lights, thinking about the fullness of her life, about everything she had to be grateful for, and yet, like Gatsby staring at that green light across the water, she yearned for something that could never he.

She rereads The Great Gatsby every few years, always gleaning something new from it.