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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gat \Gat\ (g[a^]t), imp. of Get. [Obs.]


Get \Get\ (g[e^]t), v. t. [imp. Got (g[o^]t) (Obs. Gat (g[a^]t)); p. p. Got (Obsolescent Gotten (g[o^]t"t'n)); p. pr. & vb. n. Getting.] [OE. geten, AS. gitan, gietan (in comp.); akin to Icel. geta, Goth. bigitan to find, L. prehendere to seize, take, Gr. chanda`nein to hold, contain. Cf. Comprehend, Enterprise, Forget, Impregnable, Prehensile.]

  1. To procure; to obtain; to gain possession of; to acquire; to earn; to obtain as a price or reward; to come by; to win, by almost any means; as, to get favor by kindness; to get wealth by industry and economy; to get land by purchase, etc.

  2. Hence, with have and had, to come into or be in possession of; to have.

    Thou hast got the face of man.

  3. To beget; to procreate; to generate.

    I had rather to adopt a child than get it.

  4. To obtain mental possession of; to learn; to commit to memory; to memorize; as to get a lesson; also with out; as, to get out one's Greek lesson.

    It being harder with him to get one sermon by heart, than to pen twenty.
    --Bp. Fell.

  5. To prevail on; to induce; to persuade.

    Get him to say his prayers.

  6. To procure to be, or to cause to be in any state or condition; -- with a following participle.

    Those things I bid you do; get them dispatched.

  7. To betake; to remove; -- in a reflexive use.

    Get thee out from this land.
    --Gen. xxxi. 13.

    He . . . got himself . . . to the strong town of Mega.

    Note: Get, as a transitive verb, is combined with adverbs implying motion, to express the causing to, or the effecting in, the object of the verb, of the kind of motion indicated by the preposition; thus, to get in, to cause to enter, to bring under shelter; as, to get in the hay; to get out, to make come forth, to extract; to get off, to take off, to remove; to get together, to cause to come together, to collect.

    To get by heart, to commit to memory.

    To get the better of, To get the best of, to obtain an advantage over; to surpass; to subdue.

    To get up, to cause to be established or to exit; to prepare; to arrange; to construct; to invent; as, to get up a celebration, a machine, a book, an agitation.

    Syn: To obtain; gain; win; acquire. See Obtain.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"revolver," 1904, slang shortening of Gatling (gun); by 1880, gatlin was slang for a gun of any sort.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context archaic slang in old westerns English) A Gatling gun. 2 (context slang 1920's gangster English) Any type of gun, usually a pistol. vb. (context slang English) To shoot someone with a pistol or other handheld firearm. Etymology 2

n. (context New Zealand slang English) A guitar Etymology 3

vb. (context Scottish and Northern English, or archaic English) (en-simple pastget)


n. a gangster's pistol [syn: rod]


The word Gat most likely refers to one of the below.

  • Gat (hat), a traditional article of Korean clothing composed of a cylindrical black hat with wide rims
  • Gat (landform), a deep, narrow water channel scoured by currents flowing back and forth
  • Gat (music), a composition set to a cyclic rhythm in instrumental North Indian classical music
  • Gat, an honorary title from the Philippines usually accorded to great men or leaders
  • gat, The ISO 639-3 code for the Kenati language
  • Gat,slang for gun kudzu
  • Khat, also known as gat, a plant that is chewed as a natural stimulant in the Near East and Africa
Gat (hat)

A gat is a type of Korean traditional hat worn by men along with hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) during the Joseon period. It is made from horsehair with a bamboo frame and is partly transparent in black color.

Most gat are cylindrical in shape with a wide brim on a bamboo frame. Only married and middle class men during the late 19th century could wear gat, which represented their social status and protected their topknots .

Under the Joseon, black gat were restricted to men who had passed the gwageo examination. Commoners wore a variant called paeraengi which was woven from split bamboo.

Artisans who make gat are called ganniljang in Korean, from gannil ( "hatmaking, millinery") + jang ( "artisan, craftsman, master of a craft").

Gat (surname)

Gat or Gát is a surname that may refer to

  • Azar Gat (born 1959), an Israeli researcher and author on military history
  • Eliahu Gat (1919–1987), an Israeli landscape painter
  • Emanuel Gat Israeli choreographer of contemporary dance
  • György Gát (born 1947), a Hungarian television director and producer
  • Yonatan Gat (born 1982), Israeli guitarist, composer and improviser
Gat (given name)

Gat is a given name that may refer to

  • Gat Pangil, a chieftain in the area now known as Laguna Province, Philippines
  • Gat Stires (1849–1933), a Major League Baseball right fielder
Gat (landform)

A gat (, Seegat or diminutive Gatje) is a strait that is constantly eroded by currents flowing back and forth, such as tidal currents. It is usually a relatively narrow but deep (up to ) passage between land masses (such as an island and a peninsula) or shallow bars in an area of mudflats. A gat is sometimes a shallower passage on lagoon coasts, including those without any tidal range.

According to Whittow a gat is either an inshore channel or strait dividing offshore islands from the mainland e.g. the Frisian Islands, or it is an opening in a line of sea cliffs allowing access to the coast from inland. It is similar, but not identical, to a gut, which is a narrow river channel or strait prior to joining an open ocean or estuary. Leser restricts its use to deep, but relatively narrow inlets in the Wadden Sea that are scoured out by currents, giving the example of the gap between the Frisian islands of Juist and Nordeney.

Usage examples of "gat".

Then they could no longer refrain themselves, but ran down from the Speech-Hill and the slope about it with great and fierce cries, and clomb the wall where it was unmanned, helping each other with hand and back, both stark warriors, and old men and lads and women: and thus they gat them into the garth and fell upon the lessening band of the Romans, who now began to give way hither and thither about the garth, as they best might.

Zij bewonen bij voorkeur de steenachtige bergstreken en vinden in diepe en moeielijk toegankelijke gaten onder steenen, in rotsspleten en in holen van andere dieren een toevlucht bij ieder gevaar, dat zij zelfs in het minst belangrijke vreemde verschijnsel meenen te ontdekken.

Had he waited to deal with Driller, he would have been too late for Gat.

Hidden in this lair, the dark-faced crook had used Gat Lober and Driller Borson as his tools, with Skeeter Wigan as an intermediary.

The Shadow wanted to meet the hidden big shot who had ordered Driller Borson and Gat Lober into their deeds of crime.

He might have figured that Driller Borson and Gat Lober were on my pay roll.

So had Captain Hardgrove, alias Joe Gatter, alias Elmer Stone, alias John Doe and other aliases.

If Lil had been out all night on the gatter he would have caused a fucking riot.

There seems to have been a misunderstanding, Mr Ewart, Gatter said slowly, offering a smile which he hoped was contagious.

We gat on varry weel for a bit, An aw stuck to mi wark like a man, An enjoying mi hooam, thear awd sit, As a chap at works hard nobbut can.

Irish, who as a race have never entirely crawled from the bath of superstition in which their mothers gat them, a phooka is a phantom horse that kidnaps travelers and carries them away on its back.

Het wiel belandde in een gat in het wegdek en ik verloor de macht over het stuur.

Usually, around the Pink Rat, Gat let a bulge show from his hip, as silent braggery that he carried a gun in contempt of the law.

Kingery, een optisch astronoom, gelooft dat ze een manier heeft ontdekt om uit te vinden of het om twee sterrenstelsels gaat die rond twee zwarte gaten cirkelen.

All nine missiles were primed and ready to launch, the data configuration of their target already programmed into their computers through the B-2s GATS geopositional targeting system.