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n. (alternative spelling of garrotte English) vb. (alternative spelling of garrotte English)

  1. n. an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation [syn: garrote, garrotte, iron collar]

  2. v. strangle with an iron collar; "people were garrotted during the Inquisition in Spain" [syn: garrote, garrotte, scrag]

Usage examples of "garotte".

Everywhere houses surrounded, doors opened by artifice or burst open by force, porters deceived, sometimes garotted, men in disguise, men provided with ropes, men armed with axes, surprises in bed, nocturnal violence.

Bross, followed her into the room, garotted her and knocked her out, took the Castellina manuscript and left in its place the forged manuscript sold by Bussone.

They should have brought one of the garottes that travelled with the Spanish army, sat the Englishman in its chair, and slowly, slowly tightened the screw that would break his neck.

There are at least ten excellent sourcebooks on how to make your own garotte, and those are just the editions that are still in print!

A good executioner could draw a garotting out for an hour, sometimes relaxing the pressure of the thread to give the victim false hope, before finally turning the screw and breaking the neck as the doomed man's head snapped backwards.