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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Galleass \Gal"le*ass\ (?; 135), n. [F. gal['e]asse, gal['e]ace; cf. It. galeazza, Sp. galeaza; LL. galea a galley. See Galley.] (Naut.) A large galley, having some features of the galleon, as broadside guns; esp., such a vessel used by the southern nations of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. See Galleon, and Galley. [Written variously galeas, gallias, etc.]

Note: ``The galleasses . . . were a third larger than the ordinary galley, and rowed each by three hundred galley slaves. They consisted of an enormous towering structure at the stern, a castellated structure almost equally massive in front, with seats for the rowers amidships.''


n. (alternative form of galleass English)


A galeas is a type of small trade vessel that was common in the Baltic Sea and North Sea from the 17th to the early 20th centuries. The characteristics of the ships depend somewhat from where the ship originated. Swedish variants had two masts and were rigged as ketches or sometimes as schooners. The galeas was developed from the Dutch galliot, which was rigged in a similar way, but was equipped with a rounded stern. The Swedish galliot was sometimes called "Dutch hoy" or "English dogger". The galeas has a galliot's rig, but with a square stern.

Usage examples of "galeas".

The governor of the galeasses having issued orders for a general review at Gouyn, M.

Siamese lug-sails, brigantines, galeasses, Hanseatic League cogs, sixty-oared papyrus galleys, Norse drakkars and dragon-prowed Viking longships called the Oseberg ship.

We left Corfu towards the end of September, with five galleys, two galeasses, and several smaller vessels, under the command of M.

Two vague shadows in the offing showed where the galeasses rolled and tossed upon the great Atlantic rollers, Hawtayne looked wistfully in their direction.