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Etymology 1 interj. Expressing disgust or trepidation. Etymology 2

n. (cx slang English) The drug crystal meth.


GAK, Gak, or gak may refer to:

  • slang term for methamphetamine, cocaine, or marijuana
  • Cyclin G-associated kinase, a protein kinase
  • Ağdam, Khojavend, a village in Azerbaijan formerly known as Gak
  • the Austrian football club Grazer AK (Austrian sports reporters almost exclusively use the acronym)
  • GAK (EP) by GAK, a 1994 pseudonym of Aphex Twin
  • a slimy modeling compound from Nickelodeon and distributed by Mattel in the 1990s. (see Nickelodeon Toys)
  • a slime used on Double Dare 2000 (similar to the toy)

GAK is an EP by Richard D. James ( Aphex Twin) released in 1994 under the moniker "GAK". The record is sourced from demos Richard D. James sent to Warp Records in 1990 prior to his signing. The album is rumored to be an imitation of the classic Warp artist LFO (British band). James recorded the songs possibly around 1989-1990.

GAK 1 Is an example of early techno, mainly structured around a repetitive cr78 pattern with a piano melody. GAK 2 is similar but has a more ambient techno sound than any other tracks on the E.P. GAK 3, however is a much darker, track with racing synths and a hard 4–4 beat, one of James' attempts to create a more rave type of sound. GAK 4 is a take on house music, rumoured to have been made as a joke, it is regarded by many as the best track on the record due to its happy vibe, and relaxed beat.

This album was released both in CD and 12" formats.

GAK (protein)

Cyclin G-associated kinase (GAK) is a serine/threonine kinase that in humans is encoded by the GAK gene.