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fusiform gyrus

n. (context anatomy English) A structure within the temporal lobe of the human brain, believed to be involved in colour processing and the recognition of faces, bodies, and words.

Fusiform gyrus

The fusiform gyrus, also known as the ''(discontinuous) occipitotemporal gyrus, ''is part of the temporal lobe and occipital lobe in Brodmann area 37. The fusiform gyrus is located between the lingual gyrus and parahippocampal gyrus above, and the inferior temporal gyrus below. Though the functionality of the fusiform gyrus is not fully understood, it has been linked with various neural pathways related to recognition. Additionally, it has been linked to various neurological phenomena such as synesthesia, dyslexia, and prosopagnosia.

Usage examples of "fusiform gyrus".

There's a gyrus in the brain called the fusiform gyrus, for example, which lets you recognize and remember faces.