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Fura (rapper)

Ajmal Abdul Rahiman known by his stage name Fura is a Dubai-Based Indian rapper, music producer, and singer. Born in Kasaragod, Kerala, India, Fura moved to Dubai when he was two years old. He gained fame through his various live performances and online musical performances and features.

Fura became popular after a feature verse on an R&B cover version of " Tum Hi Ho" which was uploaded on YouTube in May 2013. He is most famous for his singles "Emarat", "Bounce","Pehla Pyar", "This Generation" & "Fcuk You Kony" which was aimed at creating an awareness for Kony 2012 in the United Arab Emirates. Other major feature's include the " Summer Paradise" Cover with Jasim & Alwin and "Whistle" Cover with Jasim.

  • Mount Fura (Mt Darwin) site of capital of Monomotapa kingdom in Zimbabwe
  • Fura (food), Nigerian millet dough balls eaten with nono
  • Fura (rapper), Indian rapper
  • SEAT Fura supermini car produced by Spanish automaker SEAT, between 1981 and 1986, based on the Fiat 127
  • La Fura dels Baus Spanish theatrical group founded in 1979 in Moià, Barcelona
  • El Molo language (redirect from Fura-Pawa) possibly extinct language belonging to the Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic family
Fura (food)

Fura are millet dough balls eaten in Nigeria.