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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a fuel gauge (also petrol gauge British English), gas gauge AmE:
▪ The fuel gauge read a little over half full.
an energy/oil/fuel crisis
▪ There is an energy crisis here, with power cuts happening daily.
diesel fuel
energy/fuel efficient (=not wasting any fuel or energy)
▪ an energy efficient heating system
fossil fuel
▪ Environmentalists would like to see fossil fuels replaced by renewable energy sources.
fuel a boom (=add to it)
▪ The energy crisis is fuelling a boom in alternative energy.
fuel anger (=make people even more angry)
▪ The row could fuel growing anger among the Labour party.
fuel cell
fuel controversy (=add to it)
▪ England's manager fuelled controversy with his criticism of the referee.
fuel efficiency (=using fuel in an efficient way)
▪ Better fuel efficiency can be achieved by driving more slowly.
fuel inflation/push up inflation (=make inflation worse)
▪ The increase in food prices is fuelling inflation.
▪ There are now fears that price rises will push up inflation.
fuel injection
fuel speculation (=make it increase)
▪ The announcement has fueled speculation that the company will be the target of a takeover bid.
fuel tank
▪ the plane’s fuel tank
fuel/clothes/food etc rationing
▪ News of bread rationing created panic buying.
fuel/electricity/gas consumption
▪ There are three possible methods of reducing oil consumption.
milk/fuel/pizza etc delivery
▪ I gave the kids some money for a pizza delivery.
net exporter of fuel (=it exports more fuel than it imports)
▪ With the expanded production of North Sea oil and gas, the UK has become a net exporter of fuel.
solid fuel
▪ The Government has made moves to encourage owners of vehicles to adopt cleaner fuel, but action is slow.
▪ Independent tests have proved that Shell Advanced petrol will keep your engine three hundred percent cleaner than ordinary fuels.
▪ While this step awaits technical advances, cleaner fuels for cars and lorries, such as methanol, are urged for immediate use.
▪ Gas usage will increase particularly in the home-heating sectors and in industries requiring clean fuels.
▪ A great deal of research effort is going into overcoming hydrogen's shortcomings, mainly because it's such a clean fuel.
▪ This is used as a domestic fuel.
▪ Almost all the bogs have been extensively peat-cut for domestic fuel.
▪ Budget tax anger Anti-poverty campaigners have been angered by the Chancellor's budget decision to tax domestic fuel.
▪ Up to that time coal was chiefly used as a domestic fuel but from 1812 onwards it went to sea as bunker fuel.
▪ Thermal stations burning coal, oil or nuclear fuel work 24 hours a day and their output is less easy to adjust.
▪ Energy Department officials say nuclear fuel rods have been safely transported for decades.
▪ Reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods increases the volume of waste and should be undertaken only when necessary for safety reasons.
▪ Revenues, from reprocessing domestic and imported nuclear fuels, are not expected to exceed £5.2 billion.
▪ Officials have still to decide how the radioactive dust and nuclear fuel inside should be cleaned up.
▪ In September 1973, workers in the B204 building were starting work on dissolving a fresh batch of nuclear fuel.
▪ Eventually, however, the star will run out of its hydrogen and other nuclear fuels.
▪ After three years' work the last consignment of nuclear fuel rods has been removed.
▪ I found a plumber, but when he saw the solid fuel monster in the kitchen, he paled visibly.
▪ Others For any advice on solid fuel, dial 100 and ask for Freefone Real Fires.
▪ The boiler, situated in the cellar, is hand-fired using solid fuel.
▪ Do you have room to store oil or solid fuel or wood?
▪ Apart from the trophy the winner receives £60, a tankard and a voucher for £35 for solid fuel.
▪ Whether, you're burning solid fuel, gas, or electricity, there's a fireplace for you.
▪ It fits into standard fireplace alcoves and runs on solid fuel.
▪ If you use solid fuel many approved coal merchants provide budget schemes and supply small quantities.
▪ Sometime this year the North will start unloading and replacing spent fuel from a large reactor at Yongbyon.
▪ Its flies, the spent fuel, arrive regularly inside special containers on goods trains from nuclear reactors all over the country.
▪ At that stage the inspector did not mention spent nuclear fuel.
▪ Events prove that, in the context of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, his prediction is being realised.
▪ Reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods increases the volume of waste and should be undertaken only when necessary for safety reasons.
▪ If you have to pay to reprocess the plutonium from spent fuel, though, it does not.
▪ If the spent fuel can not be reprocessed, alternative dry storage is needed.
▪ Berkeley has now become the first nuclear power station in Britain to have all its spent fuel removed.
▪ Can you confirm that Land Rover V8 will accept unleaded fuel? 4.
▪ As you'd expect, being a Saab, it runs on unleaded fuel and has a 3 way catalytic converter.
▪ She was pleased to see that the 460 uses unleaded fuel, helping her bid to escape the city smoke.
▪ While its petrol-engined equivalent must have unleaded fuel, the diesel catalyser will only become effective when sulphur levels drop.
▪ By 2000 the great majority of cars will run on unleaded fuel.
▪ How will unleaded fuel affect the performance of my car?
▪ All petrol engines run on 91 octane unleaded fuel and are equipped with modern fuel injection and three-way exhaust catalysts.
▪ New vehicles will be required to comply with set standards from 1995, while unleaded fuel will become available in 2000.
▪ Grants are not available to pay for fuel bills.
▪ There are ways of paying your fuel bills which make budgeting a lot easier.
▪ Like the Picasso, it has five seats, so why put up with the added weight and bigger fuel bills?
▪ You won't notice the difference, but will save 10% on fuel bill.
▪ The system can pinpoint individuals if fuel bills and maintenance charges fall outside the average for their type of car.
▪ They had to take out a loan to pay their last fuel bill.
▪ Two-thirds of the total cited heating and fuel bills in particular as being more expensive than they had anticipated.
▪ In its condensing mode, the unit achieves up to 95% efficiency, contributing to reduced fuel bills.
▪ Changes in aerodynamics, lighter alloys in engines and leaner fuel consumption will be the main features.
▪ However, I would like to minimise the fuel consumption damage.
▪ Just as fuel consumption grows disproportionately as speeds rise, so does the emission of air pollutants.
▪ The caretaker is also increasingly monitoring fuel consumption.
▪ Given that pollution levels relate to fuel consumption, private cars and taxis are also the greatest polluters.
▪ Most animals increase their fuel consumption in proportion to the extra baggage they are carrying, but not the camel.
▪ Certain costs, particularly fuel costs, fall heavily on old people.
▪ The extra expense would amount to $ 112, 320 a year in added fuel costs.
▪ Our addiction to petroleum can only be managed by incorporating environmental impacts in fuel costs.
▪ He cited higher jet fuel costs.
▪ In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to get a Crisis Loan for fuel costs.
▪ Gore could not afford to run the risk of seeing his hard-won political gains evaporate in a populist revolt over fuel costs.
▪ You do not have to be getting income support to apply and in exceptional circumstances they may be given for fuel costs.
▪ They warned, however, that relief operations were being seriously reduced by soaring fuel costs.
▪ Much of the beauty of a good machine is in its mechanical design, as well as in its fuel efficiency.
▪ But it is firmly against heavy-handed regulation, such as a sharp increase in mandatory fuel efficiency for cars.
▪ The only certain way of cutting CO2 emissions is to encourage fuel efficiency.
▪ Improvements in vehicle drag coefficients lead to greater fuel efficiency and stability at high speeds, and simulation is driving innovation forward.
▪ Greater fuel efficiency is essential and there are now prototype cars that can travel between 52 and 100 miles per gallon.
▪ With engine modifications, more fuel efficiency, a new flight deck.
▪ For vehicles run by Trust staff the emphasis will be on maximising fuel efficiency and minimising damaging emissions.
▪ The main global-warming gas, after all, is carbon dioxide, given off mainly by burning fossil fuels.
▪ We are hastening this process with the burning of fossil fuels.
▪ This staining on marble is the result of dry deposition from sulphur dioxide gases produced by the burning of fossil fuels.
▪ Growth requires abundant cheap resources, especially fossil fuel, but also food and water.
▪ Now, remaining supplies of fossil fuels should be saved, not squandered.
▪ However, it has not yet been established that global warming is due to excessive combustion of fossil fuels.
▪ Do we carry on burning fossil fuels at rapid rates?
▪ Hasn't he any conception of the devastation caused to this planet by burning fossil fuels?
▪ The driver glanced at his fuel gauge.
▪ She doesn ` t see the fuel gauge needle waving desperately at her, like a drowning arm.
▪ As we headed up Hartshead Moor, I checked my fuel gauge and started sweating again.
▪ A Land Rover mechanic replaced the stabiliser unit behind the dash - the fuel gauge worked again but not the temperature gauge.
▪ The ever-moving needle on the tank-mounted fuel gauge will remind you.
▪ The fuel gauge read a little over half full.
▪ He was installing a fuel gauge on top of the tank when it blew up.
▪ He would outlaw tuning kit like Dynojet's Power Commander, which alters fuel injection and engine management systems.
▪ Voxan's V-twin uses a Magneti Marelli sequential fuel injection system, similar to that used on the 996.
▪ This allows the fuel injection system to be re-mapped to suit the capacity.
▪ Mechanically the entry level Polos remain the same, bar the adoption of fuel injection.
▪ The bike, launched in 1996, was intended to revolutionise two-strokes thanks to Bimota's direct fuel injection technology.
▪ Again, a full engine management system monitors performance and controls the fuel injection and ignition systems.
▪ A replacement policy for fuel injection pumps.
▪ All of the Corsa autos, in fact, use the 1.4i single point fuel injection engine.
▪ The defendants negligently discharged fuel oil into Sydney Harbour.
▪ A similar blend of fuel oil allegedly was used in the Oklahoma City bombing.
▪ Interruptible gas supplies undercut the cost of fuel oil considerably.
▪ He seemed to be taking a shower in fuel oil.
▪ Gas is also competing directly with coal for the heavy fuel oil market.
▪ The treated organic phase is generally suitable for re-use as a fuel oil.
▪ Such products include fuel oil, paint, building materials and fitments, and electronic Components.
▪ Prices of fuel oil, diesel and kerosene were also raised.
▪ Governments will be able to meet their targets only if they keep fuel prices high.
▪ A bout of selling on the stock exchange, perhaps, or a cold snap that reopens the fuel price issue.
▪ At least that was the case in Britain, where the gap between petrol and diesel fuel prices has always been small.
▪ S., which created expectations of higher heating fuel prices.
▪ But any rise in fuel prices carries a second issue in its slipstream.
▪ The problem is a temporary one, the analyst added, even though fuel prices have risen this month.
▪ They have shown a total lack of interest in joint action in the face of rising fuel prices.
▪ World commodity prices were set to rise about 7 percent in 1993, with fuel prices alone climbing 9 percent.
▪ A fuel shortage got the holiday season off to a rocky start, and promises to cause further problems this month.
▪ The decision came in response to an acute fuel shortage which worsened during December.
▪ He had expected to get a $ 100m loan to ease the fuel shortage.
▪ They said there was a fuel shortage.
▪ It rarely suffers the power cuts, fuel shortages and subsiding roads that plague Lagos and other big cities.
▪ They came up with a plot to blockade fuel supplies at depots starting at the weekend.
▪ Even during down times, players must constantly monitor their fuel supply or hunt for more.
▪ However, cuts in capital investment and fuel supply problems have reduced capacity growth to something around 3% per year.
▪ Officials now warn that fuel supplies could be seriously disrupted this winter.
▪ His car barely made it across the finish line, spluttering and choking, before the fuel supply dried up.
▪ Cowpat stoves were everywhere, using the droppings of the cattle that roamed the streets as a mainstream fuel supply.
▪ The foreign exchange crisis has robbed the country of regular fuel supplies.
▪ The rock-solid fuel supply with rock-solid benefits.
▪ Do you know of an auxiliary fuel tank kit for the Ninety?
▪ We had taken a hit on the fuel tank.
▪ Boots often leak, so take a look in the spare wheel well and at the metalwork beneath the fuel tank.
▪ Also on the small side is the 14-gallon fuel tank.
▪ A 34 gallon fuel tank was placed below the cabin floor.
▪ Both versions have the same size fuel tank, which, at 14. 5 gallons, is on the small side.
▪ In front of the second dicky are the aforementioned fuel tank selector, cowl flap, cabin heat and air controls and parking brake.
▪ We then start to accumulate liquid hydrogen in an empty fuel tank.
▪ There are two reasons why the Government is now on the defensive after last week's protests against high fuel tax.
▪ The Commission calls for higher fuel taxes and vehicle excise duty to be used to reduce traffic growth.
▪ The Treasury makes £36 billion every year out of road users, most of it through fuel taxes.
▪ In a bizarre twist, the continuing rise in fuel taxes could force the petrol companies themselves to hike prices further.
▪ Remember that when the deadline expires and fuel tax stays just the same.
▪ It would also be in line with the gradual drift towards fuel tax harmonisation across the Community.
▪ She's gathered 18,000 signatures in Swindon on a petition protesting about the fuel tax.
▪ Next year, the airlines will also will be hit by a proposed increase in fuel tax.
▪ Harmful quantities of radiation are also released both before and after the uranium fuel enters the power station.
▪ Early in 1995, six more pounds of uranium fuel turned up 1, 500 miles away in Czechoslovakia.
▪ Alongside the other strategic arguments in its favour, the economics of the uranium fuel cycle had been taken for granted.
▪ Bailey emphasized that officials do not want to rupture any of the 236 uranium fuel rods in the lone remaining assembly.
▪ A large nuclear reactor will contain hundreds, if not thousands of rods filled with uranium fuel.
▪ In a power the uranium fuel is normally stacked in disks and contained in fuel rods.
▪ It was recommended to burn off fuel in the fuselage tank to 30 gallons before combat if possible.
▪ We are hastening this process with the burning of fossil fuels.
▪ Then there's even more pollution caused by burning the fuels needed to generate the energy to make new products.
▪ Texas-Lehigh Cement Company in Buda was recently granted a permit to burn tires for fuel.
▪ Do we carry on burning fossil fuels at rapid rates?
▪ The one factor that was actually improving as we labored along was that we were burning a bunch of fuel.
▪ However, environmentalists argue that the costs of producing the fuel must also be taken into account.
▪ Mounted round this fairing were the eight radiators used to vent the excess heat produced by the fuel cells into space.
▪ Development costs could be reduced by expanding these existing nuclear sites which are currently used primarily to produce fuel for military purposes.
▪ In some cases, it is possible to combine several objectives such as the treatment of sewage to produce fuel or food energy.
▪ Long-term storage is favoured by environmentalists as less nuclear waste is produced, although spent fuel can not be stored indefinitely.
▪ They all can provide fuel in the diet and are therefore sources of energy.
▪ Polar ice also would provide hydrogen for rocket fuel and for industrial processes.
▪ In the past, waste was not useless, but provided fuel, building materials and industrial materials, as well as rough grazing.
▪ And they are bound to provide fuel for the opponents of Jospin's proposals.
▪ Then, as now, coal provided the fuel for much the greater part of the country's electricity.
▪ When the war ended, the most pressing need was to provide food and fuel.
▪ People who skip breakfast work less efficiently than people who have taken the trouble to provide themselves with fuel for the morning.
▪ Speeding up urban traffic could save 10 percent of fuel, and so cut back on carbon dioxide.
▪ You won't notice the difference, but will save 10% on fuel bill.
▪ In 1942 you were asked not to exceed 5 inches of water in your bath to save fuel.
▪ We also saved a lot of fuel.
▪ Those often cut their engines and drift out of control off Muckle Flugga, possibly to save fuel.
▪ Also, in his view, it saves on fuel and oil costs.
▪ An effective windshield can save time and fuel.
▪ Cheaper that way, they sell stamps and save fuel.
▪ Mr Livingstone has offered exemptions for business deliveries and if vehicles use green fuels.
▪ C., will deploy a fuel cell-driven shuttle bus using methanol as a fuel.
▪ In addition to better economy, diesel cars use cheaper fuel and are no less environmentally-friendly than petrol-engined models fitted with catalytic converters.
▪ Without using any fuel, she had increased her speed by several thousand miles an hour.
▪ They were particularly important for the Magnox reactors, which used larger quantities of fuel and had bulkier structures to dismantle.
▪ Brophy said investigators are looking into whether the man was using the fuel to keep warm.
▪ Problems caused by using fuel with a too low octane rating.
▪ Most of the recycled tires have been used for fuel, she said.
add fuel to the fire/flames
▪ It only added fuel to the fire.
▪ Once the process is under way, empire-building adds fuel to the fire, and more fat to the bureaucracy.
smokeless coal/fuel
▪ If she burned smokeless fuel, the soot problem would disappear.
▪ Real fires Always use smokeless fuel.
▪ The fuel tank holds 14 gallons.
▪ Officials said they began pumping fuel from the barge before noon Sunday at a rate of 240, 000 gallons an hour.
▪ Such anaerobic respiration is much quicker than aerobic respiration, but also much less efficient in terms of energy produced per unit of fuel.
▪ His criticism will fuel controversy about the book on the island, where a film starring Nicolas Cage is being shot.
▪ The Hubble already has helped fuel a raging controversy over the true age of the universe.
▪ Expansion in output was fuelled by growing external demand and generally expansive domestic economic policies.
▪ Failure to correct them only fuels the right-wing demands that obliterate the very protections that liberals cherish.
▪ Rising expectations about the standards of health can therefore be seen as fuelling further demand for health care.
▪ The boom has been fuelled by accelerated demand for consumer products with even small grocery stores receiving up to 12 deliveries every day.
▪ Edith's murder is one of several cases that have fuelled demands for drastic measures to stop child abuse.
▪ Chapter Nine While the ladies were fuelling their fire, in more ways than one, John Coffin was taking a walk.
▪ They often drag down members of their family into their coal cellar of degradation as they fuel the fires of self destruction.
▪ But oxygen tanks fuelled the flames.
▪ The fatty ingredients fuelled the flames and damage was put a more than £1m.
▪ His absence has fuelled rumours that the house of Lacroix is about to be closed by owner and financial backer Bernard Arnault.
▪ Yet it is worth remembering that they were fuelled by intense speculation about her marriage.
▪ The logical impenetrability of the administration's calculations at Camp David inevitably fuels speculation about the motivation for convening it.
▪ This fantasy was not fuelled by disinterested speculation but by envy.
smokeless coal/fuel
▪ If she burned smokeless fuel, the soot problem would disappear.
▪ Real fires Always use smokeless fuel.
▪ Easy credit terms helped fuel the economic expansion.
▪ The President's absence from the May Day parade has fuelled speculation that he is seriously ill.
▪ There are growing fears for the safety of the kidnap victims -- fears that have been fuelled by rumours of new terrorist threats.
▪ Workers began fueling the spaceship for liftoff.
▪ After dropping off tanks of liquid oxygen to fuel the next ship, you re-enter the atmosphere.
▪ Proving Koch's postulates would of course be unethical and controversy is fuelled by this lack of scientific certainty.
▪ Rising expectations about the standards of health can therefore be seen as fuelling further demand for health care.
▪ Then on Wednesday night he forecast that interest rates would drop - fuelling the City boom.
▪ They have, throughout their exiles, sent us money and resources to help us fuel our movement.
▪ Though Centralism comes in many guises and applications, the basic notions that fuel it are remarkably consistent-as are the results.
▪ Unfortunately, the very psychiatric definition of identity that helped fuel this affirming development also helped fuel a rising prejudice against gays.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fuel \Fu"el\, n. [OF. fouail, fuail, or fouaille, fuaille, LL. focalium, focale, fr. L. focus hearth, fireplace, in LL., fire. See Focus.] [Formerly written also fewel.]

  1. Any matter used to produce heat by burning; that which feeds fire; combustible matter used for fires, as wood, coal, peat, etc.

  2. Anything that serves to feed or increase passion or excitement.

    Artificial fuel, fuel consisting of small particles, as coal dust, sawdust, etc., consolidated into lumps or blocks.


Fuel \Fu"el\, v. t.

  1. To feed with fuel. [Obs.]

    Never, alas I the dreadful name, That fuels the infernal flame.

  2. To store or furnish with fuel or firing. [Obs.]

    Well watered and well fueled.
    --Sir H. Wotton.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, feuel, feul "fuel, material for burning," also figurative, from Old French foaille "fuel for heating," from Medieval Latin legal term focalia "right to demand material for making fire, right of cutting fuel," from classical Latin focalia "brushwood for fuel," from neuter Latin focalis "pertaining to a hearth," from focus "hearth, fireplace" (see focus (n.)). Figurative use from 1570s. Of food, as fuel for the body, 1876. As "combustible liquid for an internal combustion engine" from 1886. A French derivative is fouailler "woodyard." Fuel-oil is from 1882.


1590s, "feed or furnish with fuel," literal and figurative, from fuel (n.). Intransitive sense "to get fuel" (originally firewood) is from 1880. Related: Fueled; fueling.


n. substance consumed to provide energy through combustion, or through chemical or nuclear reaction. vb. 1 To provide with fuel. 2 To exacerbate, to cause to grow or become greater.

  1. n. a substance that can be consumed to produce energy; "more fuel is needed during the winter months"; "they developed alternative fuels for aircraft"

  2. [also: fuelling, fuelled]

  1. v. provide with a combustible substance that provides emergy; "fuel aircraft, ships, and cars"

  2. provide with fuel; "Oil fires the furnace" [syn: fire]

  3. take in fuel, as of a ship; "The tanker fueled in Bahrain"

  4. stimulate; "fuel the debate on creationism"

  5. [also: fuelling, fuelled]

Fuel (band)

Fuel is an American rock band formed by guitarist/songwriter Carl Bell and bassist Jeff Abercrombie. Originally known as Small the Joy, they changed the group's name to Fuel sometime in 1994. They are well known for their hit songs " Shimmer" from Sunburn, " Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" and " Bad Day" from Something Like Human, and " Falls on Me" from Natural Selection. The band has sold nearly four million records worldwide.

Their newest album Puppet Strings was released March 4, 2014. No original members of the band remain, except for vocalist Brett Scallions, who at one time left the band himself (2006).

Fuel (song)

"Fuel" is a song by American heavy metal band Metallica. The song was written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett, and was released as the third single from their seventh album, Reload. Metallica have frequently played the song in concert over the years, including the 1999 live album S&M with Michael Kamen conducting the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Fuel was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1999 but lost to Jimmy Page and Robert Plant for the song " Most High."

Fuel (disambiguation)

Fuel is any material that can release energy, especially by burning.

Fuel may also refer to:

FUEL (Firefox User Extension Library)

Firefox User Extension Library (FUEL) was a JavaScript library intended for developing Firefox extensions. Co-created by Mark Finkle and John Resig, it provided JavaScript libraries and wrappers for the most commonly used operations in Firefox extensions.

Fuel (Raised Fist album)

Fuel is the first album of hardcore band Raised Fist.

Fuel (video game)

Fuel is a 2009 open world racing video game developed by Asobo Studio and published by Codemasters. The game was released on June 2, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and June 5, for Microsoft Windows.

Fuel (film)

Fuel (previously called Fields of Fuel) is a 2008 documentary film directed by Josh Tickell and produced by Greg Reitman, Dale Rosenbloom, Daniel Assael, Darius Fisher, and Rebecca Harrell Tickell.

It won the audience award at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. The DVD was released on June 22, 2010.

Fuel (Larry Young album)

Fuel is a jazz fusion album by organist/ keyboardist Larry Young, released on the Arista Records label.

Fuel (hardcore band)

Fuel was a short-lived Bay Area post-hardcore musical act that created both personal and political songs, something that was unique during the "first wave" of emo in the 1990s. Fuel had a sound akin to early- Hot Water Music and especially Fugazi with twin guitars and dueling rough post-hardcore vocals. In fact, it is noted that Fuel was often jokingly referred to as "Fuelgazi." Fuel's style has been compared to the D.C. sound of many Dischord bands.

Fuel featured Mike Kirsch (of early Pinhead Gunpowder and a number of other notable punk rock bands) on guitar/vocals, Jim Allison on guitar/vocals, Aaron Arroyo on bass, and Jeff Stofan (also of Monsula and the White Trash Debutantes at one time) on drums.

In 2008, Alternative Press named Fuel as a group of significant interest in its profile of "23 Bands who Shaped Punk." Jason Black of Hot Water Music and The Draft contributed a testimony for the article citing musical influence.


A fuel is any material that can be made to react with other substances so that it releases chemical or nuclear energy as heat or to be used for work. The concept was originally applied solely to those materials capable of releasing chemical energy but has since also been applied to other sources of heat energy such as nuclear energy (via nuclear fission or nuclear fusion).

The heat energy released by reactions of fuels is converted into mechanical energy via a heat engine. Other times the heat itself is valued for warmth, cooking, or industrial processes, as well as the illumination that comes with combustion. Fuels are also used in the cells of organisms in a process known as cellular respiration, where organic molecules are oxidized to release usable energy. Hydrocarbons and related oxygen-containing molecules are by far the most common source of fuel used by humans, but other substances, including radioactive metals, are also utilized.

Fuels are contrasted with other substances or devices storing potential energy, such as those that directly release electrical energy (such as batteries and capacitors) or mechanical energy (such as flywheels, springs, compressed air, or water in a reservoir).

Usage examples of "fuel".

These were the silent, empty remains of the accelerator ring that had once circled the planet, that had created the antimatter that fueled its economy, that had berthed its ships, warehoused its goods, and supported the lives of eighty million people.

He noted distances from friendly forts, fuel supplies, possible landing areas and traced the known route of the escaping Afghanis to the last known point nearly half-way along the Khyber.

The explosion blew apart what had been left of the superstructure, taking with it the masts and antennae as the ship erupted into flames amidships, the fire migrating aft to the fuel tanks, where ruptured fuel lines spewed volatile fuel for the gas turbines into the bilges.

On long international flights, as heavy fuel slowly burns off, pilots will ascend to a higher cruise altitude every two or three hours.

They checked altitude and air speed, fuel consumption and position in formation, and again searched the wide sea and the sky.

The electrical smell of the ship came into his nostrils, a brew of cooking oil, ozone, diesel fuel, cleaning solution, and amines, the perfume of it filling him with nostalgia.

Each was authorized to use as much time each day after regular working hours as he considered necessary to conduct his training, which would not be limited to docking and undocking, anchoring and unanchoring, but would include towing and being towed, fueling and provisioning while under way, and launch and recovery.

If anonymity does fuel the tendency to mouth off, then one preventative strategy would be to decrease anonymity.

It does not appear that when they were made appellant had any fuels of the kinds covered, or that those to be delivered were then in existence.

Sanders complimented Aragon, as the latter changed fuel tanks to preserve the balance of the craft.

Perhaps we shall all die in Arneis, and the name of Clan Wattel will wither and go out like a lamp that has finally run out of fuel.

That told the LSO that he had the meatball in sight, confirmed that his aircraft was a Tomcat so that the arrestor cables could be properly adjusted for the hurtling weight of the aircraft, and that his fuel was reading five thousand pounds.

The cruel and avaricious desires of the monarchs against these thrifty and industrious people added fuel to the flames of the popular passion, and even a fanatic zeal arose among the Jews to perish as martyrs to their ancient religion.

The fire was burning low where the Baptist had apparently kept it fueled throughout the night John sat up stiffly and looked about him, the events of the preceding day a shadowy mirage in his memory.

The engine fire warning lit up and Batman hurriedly shut down the fuel flow to the port engine and initiated a shutdown.