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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fud \Fud\, n. [Of uncertain origin.]

  1. The tail of a hare, coney, etc. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.]

  2. Woolen waste, for mixing with mungo and shoddy.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"backside, buttocks," 1785, a Scottish and Northern dialect word of unknown origin; perhaps from Scandinavian.


n. (alternative case form of FUD English)


Fud or FUD may refer to:

FUD (brand)

FUD (pronounced like the English word food) is a brand name for hot dogs, sausages, bacon and cold cuts produced by the Mexican company Sigma Alimentos, which itself is part of the ALFA industrial conglomerate.

Recently, Sigma Alimentos has licensed a US company to produce and distribute FUD branded products in the USA, principally to sell in areas of heavy Mexican immigration where the brand name is already known to a certain degree.

The name FUD is an acronym for the Spanish words Fino, Único y Delicioso (Fine, Unique & Delicious). There are other Spanish language neologisms coined by the Sigma Alimentos marketing department to promote FUD. For example, the word Fudgolazo as seen on Spanish-language television and grocery store advertising, refers to a contest held by FUD for tickets to the 2006 FIFA World Cup (golazo is a Spanish word meaning a great, critical or important goal in a soccer game.

Fud (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "fud".

The sweet old fud looked around that dim room there in the dead and silent spaceship as though it were a very strange place.

To anyone going by the double-door entrance to the library, he should look like all the rest of the old fuds who came up here to read the papers and fall asleep in their chairs.

Instead of going bankrupt, those old fuds who were running it retired rich to Palm Beach.

Vanyel had a moment to register disappointment at the scuffed floor, dusty furnishings, and fuded paint before the leonine Bard at the window-end of the room began the class.

The other poets were either horn-rimmed intellectual  hep cats with wild  black  hair like Alvah Goldbook, or delicate pale handsome poets like Ike O'Shay (in a suit), or out-of-this-world genteel-looking Renaissance Italians like Francis DaPavia (who looks like a young priest), or bow-tied wild-haired old anarchist fuds like Rheinhold Cacoethes, or big fat bespectacled quiet booboos like Warren Coughlin.

Three days out of the Texas State Pen, Fud shows up at the door of then Detective-Sergeant Turner Meeks, informs him that he just stuck up a liquor store in Hermosa Beach, pistol-whipped the proprietor and intended to pay Buzz back the six yards he owed him with the proceeds.

Seeing myself in a cell next to Fud, the Meeks boys playing pinochle sideways through the bars, I popped off another shot, the hammer clicking on an empty chamber.