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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fred \Fred\ (fr[e^]d), n. [AS. fri[eth] peace. See Frith inclosure.] Peace; -- a word used in composition, especially in proper names; as, Alfred; Frederic.

FRED (text editor)

FRED is a re-implementation of the famous Bell Labs QED line-oriented text editor. It was written in GMAP assembly language at the University of Waterloo by Peter Fraser for the Honeywell GCOS operating system.


FRED may refer to:

  • Fred's (NASDAQ: FRED), a regional chain of discount stores based primarily in the southeastern United States
  • FRED (disk magazine) diskzine for the SAM Coupé
  • FRED (jeweller)
  • FRED (quartet), the 1999 International champion comedy barbershop quartet
  • Federal Reserve Economic Data, Economic Research, Federal Reserve Bank, St. Louis
  • FRED (text editor)
  • Framework (office suite) computer language, an interactive interpreter
  • Fred Optical Engineering Software
  • Fred Figglehorn a YouTube comedian with a high pitched voice (FЯED)
  • Field Ration Eating Device, a knife/spoon/bottle opener/can opener combination formerly issued in Australian Army CR1M packs
FRED (disk magazine)

FRED was a disk-based magazine for the SAM Coupé brand of computer. It was owned and run by Colin Macdonald during the 1990s and lasted for 82 issues.

FRED (quartet)

FRED is a comic barbershop quartet formed in 1990 by members of the Marietta Big Chicken Chorus.

Despite their focus on comedy, FRED produces a very refined sound. Their performance in 1999 at the SPEBSQSA International Championship made them gold medalists, making them the first comedy quartet to ever win first place at the International level.

FRED's take on the "comedy quartet" was original, in that they have not relied on spoken dialog in between songs to set up the humor in the next song, as most comedy quartets do. Instead, their humor is built into their lyrics, musical arrangements, and stage presentation. Parodies are a staple of their performances, and their parodies (well-known songs set to different words) often have Barbershop "in-jokes" where they poke fun at other quartets and singers, themselves, and even the contest judges.

Fred (footballer)

Frederico Chaves Guedes (born 3 October 1983), known as Fred , is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Campeonato Brasileiro Série A club Atlético Mineiro.

Fred began his career at América Mineiro before transferring to local rivals Cruzeiro in 2004. After two seasons there, he moved to Lyon of France in a protracted transfer saga, and won three consecutive Ligue 1 titles. He made his international debut for Brazil in 2005 and was selected for the 2006 World Cup, and was also part of their victories at the 2007 Copa América and the 2013 Confederations Cup. From 2009 to 2016, Fred played for Fluminense, where he won two Campeonato Brasileiro Série A titles in 2 years (2010 and 2012) and Campeonato Carioca (2012 – scoring in final). In June 2016, Fred signed for Atlético Mineiro.

Fred scored one of the fastest goals in professional football history while playing for América Mineiro, against Vila Nova during a Copa São Paulo de Juniores match. The goal was scored 3.17 seconds after the match started.

Fred (XM)

Fred was the classic modern rock/ alternative channel on XM Satellite Radio. It was the parent channel of both Ethel (ch 47), which covered alternative music from the late 1990s through today; and Lucy (ch 54), which played only the most popular alternative hits from the 80s through 90s. Fred on 44, as it is alternately known, played alternative music from its earliest days in the late 1970s through the mid-1990s. The channel was scrapped as part of the Sirius XM Merger in November, 2008. It was replaced by the Sirius channel 1st Wave.

Fred was mostly DJ-free, but ran scheduled one-hour shows Tuesday through Friday. Rick Lambert 1 was the channel's programmer and the host of Tsunami, a program of new wave music, and Club Retro, an hour of alternative remixes. Other shows included Surface Noise, where Bill Kates hosted music, interviews and performances, and One Revolution (Around the Sun), which covered the events of a specific year in Fred's alternative history. Each show was broadcast three times daily, at 4:00am, noon, and 11:00pm eastern.

Fred was located on channel 44 on XM Satellite Radio and channel 839 on DirecTV.

Fred (cartoonist)

Frédéric Othon Théodore Aristidès (5 March 1931 – 2 April 2013), known by his pseudonymFred, was a French cartoonist in the Franco-Belgian comics tradition. He is best known for his series Philémon.

Fred (chatterbot)

Fred, or FRED, was an early chatterbot written by Robby Garner.

Fred (band)

Fred were a five-piece Irish alternative band from Cork. They released four albums, the last of which, Leaving My Empire, was released in Ireland in 2011.

Fred (restaurant)

__NOTOC__ Fred is a restaurant in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star for the period 2010–2013, and two stars since 2014.

GaultMillau awarded the restaurant 16 out of 20 points.

Head chef of Fred is Fred Mustert.

Restaurant Fred is a member of the Alliance Gastronomique Néerlandaise since December 2010.

Fred (baboon)

Fred (died 25 March 2011) was a chacma baboon from Cape Town, South Africa. He came to international attention as the leader of a baboon gang which developed a reputation for raiding cars, assaulting and interfering with tourists, and stealing food. This led to Fred being labelled as aggressive by authorities. He was captured in 2011, and euthanised soon afterwards.

Fred was pursued by photographers and police for at least three years. During one attack in 2010, the baboon was reported to have caused injuries to three people while searching for food in Cape Town. Two of the wounded received medical attention after the attack. When monitors were mobilised to disrupt Fred's activities the baboon initiated a violent campaign against these too. Human negligence and "misguided efforts" were found to have led to Fred's "demise" – "Because people want to love, laugh at and be entertained by baboons, they start a cycle of events that can lead to tragedy, as in the case of this baboon", the city said, adding "He targets cars with bags and visible food, but it is his ability to open closed car doors that surprised everyone".

The decision to have him euthanised was not taken lightly and not without extensive discussions between all role-players involved. This baboon's aggression levels had recently escalated to the point where the safety of tourists, motorists and other travellers along the road past Smitswinkel Bay was being threatened. – statement released by Cape Town's Baboon Operational Group.

However, not all local residents agreed with the death sentence. Documentary filmmaker Joss Lean filmed Fred's capture before following the vehicle in which the baboon was imprisoned amid efforts to have him released. The Baboon Matters organisation also attempted unsuccessfully to intervene on Fred's behalf.

Fred features in the British television programme Baboons with Bill Bailey and an episode of Inside Nature's Giants, in which his dissection took place. With X-Ray and dissection, Fred was shown to have numerous shotgun pellets throughout his body.

Fred (film series)

The Fred movie series is a series of films based on the character with the same name created by Lucas Cruikshank. The movies are produced by Derf Films, Varsity Pictures, The Collective and distributed by Lionsgate.

Fred (2014 film)

Fred is a 2014 American documentary film that chronicles the 2012 presidential campaign of the first openly gay candidate, Fred Karger. Fred premiered at the Monadnock International Film Festival on April 4, 2014.

Fred (name)

Fred can be an either a given name in its own right or the diminutive form of the given names Frederick or Alfred. It is also a surname.

Usage examples of "fred".

They were not as well suited to each other as Fred and Aileen, sellers of the sofa, Louise decided.

There are hundreds of them: smooth black Fred Astaire canes and rough chewed alpenstocks, blackthorns and quarterstaffs, cudgels and swagger sticks, bamboo and ironwood, maple and slippery elm, canes from Tangier, Maine, Zurich, Panama City, Quebec, Togoland, the Dakotas and Borneo, resting in notched compartments that resemble arms racks in an armory.

Fred Hoyle and his colleague Chandra Wickramasinghe further eroded enthusiasm for panspermia by suggesting that outer space brought us not only life but also many diseases such as flu and bubonic plague, ideas that were easily disproved by biochemists.

The Matrix, and stories by Jerry Oltion, Fred Chappell, Dale Bailey, and Robert Reed.

Fred, or grabbing at his jacket with clamplike finger less hands, About half a minute passed, while Fred piled up points.

Fred soon emerged from the locker room, clad in loose whitish trousers and jackets, only moderately translucent, and wearing athletes codpieces of hard protective plastic.

The man who shook hands with Cranston was Fred Treefe, former head of a local detective agency.

Any presidential campaign without a full complement of first-class political technicians -- or with a drastic imbalance between technicians and ideologues -- will meet the same fate that doomed the Fred Harris campaign in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

It was to be hoped that the Thaxteds and the Maxwells, including Fred, were all snoring peacefully.

The leader of the quarantine guards, Fred Ullmer, had accompanied me on the ride, and on our return we visited three of the outfits, urging them to hold all their reserve forces subject to call, in case an attempt was made to force the dead-line.

She jerked Fred Fantazios free of the waiting trolleys, hung her zebra-skin purse over him, and wheeled him along the shelves.

Fred took her hand and led her back to the refreshment table where Annie Yates and Maggie Calhoun were engaged in lively conversation.

It took several years to become convinced that publishing the story would be a good and final finish to the Rick Brant Science Adventure tales after so long a time, and conviction came only after strong and continuing pushes from fan letters, and personal pushes from those established series mavens, Ernie Kelly, Bill Gresens, Fred Woodworth, and, finally Rick Norwood, who became the publisher at his Manuscript Press.

Worse yet was settling for Chinese takeout from places called Big Freds and watereddown cappuccino from conveniencestore vending machines.

After a few seconds there came a machine-gun clacking from a printed device beside the clerk who was processing Fred, and some official looking papers emerged.