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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Forum \Fo"rum\, n.; pl. E. Forums, L. Fora. [L.; akin to foris, foras, out of doors. See Foreign.]

  1. A market place or public place in Rome, where causes were judicially tried, and orations delivered to the people.

  2. A tribunal; a court; an assembly empowered to hear and decide causes.

    He [Lord Camden] was . . . more eminent in the senate than in the forum.


n. (forum English)

  1. n. a public meeting or assembly for open discussion

  2. a public facility to meet for open discussion [syn: assembly, meeting place]

  3. a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece [syn: agora, public square]

  4. [also: fora (pl)]


See forum

  1. redirect forum

Usage examples of "fora".

Seeing that Fora wanted nothing to do with the money, Twa and Threa then changed their lawsuit from a quarter to a third.

I figured that now it was time for me to see what made Fora such a popular speaker.

Even doing this, it still took extreme effort not to think of Fora as being in total control of my every whim.

If there was any little doubt remaining in my mind that Fora was behind the attempts on Ona, Twa, and Threa, this display shattered it.

No matter what happens make sure you connect Ona and tell her Fora is behind all her problems.

Since Fora had control over all of Vegas she had totally eliminated crime.

I surmised that when Fora zapped a mind into her control it had a tough time adjusting to situations that deviated from the norm.

My second course of action would be to seek out and confront Fora one on one mano to mana.

Not having any idea where Fora resided I decided the best course of action would be to return to where I had last seen her: the Vegas Palace.

Everybody is either at the palace waiting for Fora or at home watching replays of her.

They were from Glad-7, the same planet where Fora had hidden her wealth.

Just as Fora was about to explode, Manuel had the misfortune of entering the room with the tea.

There were a few high-tech looking gadgets cluttered about but not much else, except for Fora, who was sitting in the middle of the room at a huge grand piano.

Unfortunately, they all seemed to be moving in super slow motion, except, of course, for Fora who was moving at super-fast forward.

Her clothes were ripped pretty much to shreds, but Fora was still definitely together.