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The Collaborative International Dictionary

fondue \fon`due"\ (f[o^]n"d[.u]"), a. [F. fondu, p.p. of fondre to melt, blend. See Found to cast.] Melted. [Also spelled fondu.]


n. 1 In printing, the graded shift from one color into another. 2 (alternative spelling of fondue English)

  1. n. cubes of meat or seafood cooked in hot oil and then dipped in any of various sauces [syn: fondue]

  2. hot sauce-like melted cheese or chocolate in which bread or fruits are dipped [syn: fondue]

Usage examples of "fondu".

A short distance up the coast, out of view of their camp, Fondu pointed to a huge, lone cypress tree that dangled out over the edge of the cliff.

A pair of hands reached out of the melee and hauled Fondu back into the writhing mass before Gisella could answer.