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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fluky \Fluk"y\, a. Formed like, or having, a fluke.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"depending on chance rather than skill," 1867, from fluke (n.2) + -y (2).


a. (alternative spelling of flukey English)

  1. adj. subject to accident or chance or change; "a chancy appeal at best"; "getting that job was definitely fluky"; "a fluky wind"; "an iffy proposition" [syn: chancy, flukey, iffy]

  2. [also: flukiest, flukier]

Usage examples of "fluky".

He would camp out in the cave overnight to await the precise moment of the winter solstice, half fearing and half hoping for another one of those fluky winter storms for which the Sleepers were locally infamous.

In the early days, through fluky circumstances, Cramer had sold his data collection and analysis service to the Houston Astros.

Therefore, if human beings want to maintain their fluky status and order, they must work with full fury to defeat the merely random processes of nature.

She passed away, assisted towards the end with a cruel yet compassionate bullet, for in my agitation I made a fluky shot.

It consists of one barely habitable inhabited planet, dozens of lifeless star systems, some fluky subspace readings that are probably just instrumentation errors, and about sixty-six thousand cubic parsecs of otherwise extraordinarily uninteresting space.

The officer on the TDC had to guess which readings were fluky, which more or less accurate, in feeding new numbers into the machine.

You know, this is just about the flukiest thing that has ever happened I guess.

The Hun that fired that shot was either a superb marksman with reflexes like a leopard, or the flukiest sniper on the western front.

Then during the night the wind died away with its usual tropical freakishness, from a good breeze to a faint air, and from a faint air to a slow succession of fluky puffs which set the sails slatting and the rigging creaking and kept the watch continually at work at the braces trimming the sails.

With the Pluto and Caligula to seaward of them, and the Sutherland to landward, Palamos Point to windward, and a fluky wind veering foul, it would be only by good fortune they could escape a battle.