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a. (en-superlativefishy)

  1. adj. not as expected; "there was something fishy about the accident"; "up to some funny business"; "some definitely queer goings-on"; "a shady deal"; "her motives were suspect"; "suspicious behavior" [syn: funny, queer, shady, suspect, suspicious]

  2. [also: fishiest, fishier]


See fishy

Usage examples of "fishiest".

More than once a brace or two of these wildfowl, shot in their southward flight by the lads and cooked by fat, good-natured Mother Joan, graced the rude mess-table of the squires in the long hall, and even the toughest and fishiest drake, so the fruit of their skill, had a savor that, somehow or other, the daintiest fare lacked in after-years.

What I thought the fishiest part was having his letters sent to one place, and getting himself rung up at another.

October and November, however, are my fishiest months, for then the frostfish come up out of the ocean on nipping nights, lie down in any convenient spot and wait for hermits to bag them.