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film producer

n. a producer of motion pictures [syn: film maker, filmmaker, movie maker]

Film producer

Film producers fill a variety of roles depending upon the type of producer. Either employed by a production company or independent, producers plan and coordinate various aspects of film production, such as selecting script, coordinating writing, directing and editing, and arranging financing. During the "discovery stage", the producer has to find and acknowledge promising material. Then, unless the film is supposed to be based on an original script, the producer has to find an appropriate screenwriter.

For various reasons, producers cannot always personally supervise all of the production. As such, the main producer will appoint executive producers, line producers or unit production managers who represent the main producer's interests. Among other things, the producer has the last word on whether sounds or music have to be changed or scenes have to be cut and they are in charge of selling the film or arranging distribution rights. The producer's role can vary significantly from project to project and based on the circumstances and funding.

Usage examples of "film producer".

It was arguably the worst novel he had ever read, and as a major film producer, he had more experience with really bad novels than most people.

The place looked like every other film producer's office I'd seen: tony furniture, the requisite posters of the films the company had made.

Seven disparate people affected and all struck down completely at random-or can you give me a reason why so wildly diverse a group as a film producer, a hairdresser, a camera focus assistant, a mate, a bosan, and two stewards should he the victims?

This is decidedly not the way it should be, but try to explain that to a film producer.

Riding so high after yet another dramatic programme on Northern Ireland, Mark was a major talent in the television land in which Tim, Timmy, Timmo, as a gallant independent film producer, was being handed such a rotten deal.

Polly blurted out the name of a famous movie star she'd known when married to the film producer Julian Flackberg.