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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Entrees and daily specials run from $ 7. 50 for a vegetarian fettuccine to $ 15 for the grilled filet mignon.
▪ Escargot in puff pastry, Maine lobster soup and a 10-ounce prime filet mignon are among the swanky choices.
▪ Even the filet, a cut more celebrated for its tender texture than its rich flavor, is full of beefy flavor.
▪ Finally, we settle on a pepper filet from the standard menu, and a horseradish-crusted halibut.
▪ He cooked the filets and brought them outside.
▪ Some discernment she had, however, for had she not made most complimentary remarks about his filets de sole Murat?
▪ Specialities include black bean soup, seafood crepes, chicken enchilada and filet mignon.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1841 in cookery, reborrowing from French of the same word that had been taken 14c. and anglicized as fillet (q.v.). Filet mignon is attested as a French word in English from 1815.\nThe 'Chateaubriand,' the 'entrecôte,' and the 'filet mignon' (of mutton), with other forms, are all due to the more enlarged sympathies of the French butcher for what is perfect. We must entirely change the mode of cutting up the carcase before we can arrive at the same perfection in form of meat purchasable, and as that is hopeless, so is it useless to insist further on the subject on behalf of the public.

["The Kitchen and the Cellar," "Quarterly Review," April 1877]


alt. (alternative form of fillet English) n. (alternative form of fillet English)

  1. n. a boneless steak cut from the tenderloin of beef [syn: fillet]

  2. a longitudinal slice or boned side of a fish [syn: fillet, fish fillet, fish filet]

  3. lace having a square mesh

  1. v. decorate with a lace of geometric designs [syn: fillet]

  2. cut into filets; "filet the fish" [syn: fillet]


Filet may refer to:

  • Filet, Switzerland
  • Fillet (cut), a piece of meat
  • Filet lace

Usage examples of "filet".

He found a restaurant with two entrances, expecting no surveillance but taking the usual precautions, and ordered filet of sole.

Victoria, the little man dallied at his lunch, which was evidently filet of shoe sole, but abandoned it after a few minutes.

The meal was elegantly served and simple: filet of beef, two vegetables, wine.

And then, without even asking me, Josh ordered dinner for the whole table: filet mignon for everyone.

Sous ma fenetre, des barques amarrees au bord du chenal portent a leur mat, au lieu de voilure, des filets qui sechent.

Birds drawn by the fish gathered to gorge on the entrails, stealing a few filets when they could get close enough.

The filet of baby dewback with caper sauce and fleik-liver pate was the best Trevagg had ever eaten, and when Nightlity hooned, with modestly downcast eyes, that virgins of her people were only permitted fruits and vegetables, Porcellus outdid himself in the production of four courses of lipana berries and honey, puptons of dried magicots and psibara, a baked felbar with savory cream, and staggeringly good bread pudding for dessert.

Nous, nous avons tendu des filets tout autour de la cour, et nous montons la garde.

Enfin, nous avons tendu des filets au-dessus de toute la cour, et nous faisons bonne garde.

After the tortellini, an excellent choice would be the veal filet with truffles.

Sample Menu: The Clear Camel Piss Soup with boiled Earth Worms The Filet of Sun-Ripened Sting Ray basted with Eau de Cologne and garnished with nettles The After-Birth Supreme de Boeuf, cooked in drained crank case oil, served with a piquant sauce of rotten egg yolks and crushed bed bugs The Limburger Cheese sugar cured in diabetic orine doused in Canned Heat Flamboyant.

After we had chewed and swallowed as much of filet of coelurosaur as could be expected of us, we drank and washed our hands from a small bubbling spring which gushed from a pile of rocks, and started looking around for a safe place to sleep.

Huitres en Coquille a la Rockefeller, a Filet de Sole Colbert and Entrecote de Boeuf Minute.

I decided on a flash-seared Wagyu filet, a side of asparagus with mustard miso, and a salad of nittany ears.

The Visitors were regaled with tiny sandwiches and petits fours at teatime, pheasant under glass and filets mignons for dinner, and chocolates on the pillow at night.