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n. (plural of fighter English)

Fighters (song)

"Fighters" (styled FIGHTERS) is a single by Japanese group Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe. It was released on September 7, 2011. It debuted in number one on the weekly Oricon Singles Chart, selling 83,048 copies.

Usage examples of "fighters".

He shouted more orders, and his six remaining Fighters began spraying two by two at three of the bunkers in the second line.

One command halted the fire against the bunkers, began the withdrawal of those weapons, and led the ten thousand Fighters who were just short of the heights--still undetected by the dazed and blinded defenders--to close the final gap and begin their killing.

Skink Fighters wearing full body armor with interlocking helmets had been infiltrating all day, crawling under the trees slowly and quietly enough that neither the motion nor the audio detectors picked them up.

Now, with most of the detectors dead, the Over Master in command of this phase of Operation Rippling Lava gave the command, and ten thousand Fighters rose to their feet and trotted in orderly lines to the foot of the ridge and the hill that were under attack.

Or they fell onto the heads, shoulders, and backs of Fighters who slip-walked stealthily through the sodden forest.

In columns of twenty Fighters each, each column headed by a Leader, four hundred Fighters penetrated the outer line of listening posts.

Their first task was to assemble the columns of fighters behind the line of listening posts, in front of a section manned by the regiment of the Army of the Lord that was led by Earthman Marines newly arrived on the mudball they called Kingdom.

The Over Master transmitted a halt command to the Masters, the Masters relayed the command to the Leaders, the Leaders, in turn, halted the advance of the Fighters and moved them out of ragged columns into a staggered line facing the defensive positions.

On command, the Fighters lowered themselves to the ground, elevated the nozzles of their weapons enough to keep them from getting clogged by anything on the ground, and began slithering forward through the muck.

Suddenly, their receptors overloaded by massive electric discharges all along the defensive line, the Fighters were disoriented.

He skidded to a stop with his back against the nearer bunker, next to the aperture, and signaled one of the other Fighters to do the same at the other dead bunker.

He shouted, and the Fighters slithered forward until they were within range.

Withering fire converged on the Fighters he left behind, but one second-line bunker stopped firing, then another.

He further reported more than 250 Fighters along with seven Leaders and two Masters died gloriously in the great victory.

The Over Master spoke a command, and his ten thousand armored Fighters, urged on by Masters and Leaders, began their climb.