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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a fighter plane (=a small fast military plane)
▪ fighter planes from the Second World War
a resistance fighter
▪ Resistance fighters had captured a German officer.
freedom fighter
jet fighter/aircraft/airliner
▪ a squadron of F-6 jet fighter aircraft
stealth bomber/aircraft/fighter etc (=a plane made using this system)
▪ He was a good fighter and he was not afraid of other men.
▪ Ya was a good fighter, very tough.
▪ It was only too likely that they would encounter dangers beyond the warren and that they would stand in need of some good fighters.
▪ Norris was clearly the better fighter.
▪ He was a good fighter and a brave man, though not, like Bedwyr, a natural leader.
▪ Ya know, youse can be a good fighter.
▪ Punch: Very fast but not so good for weaker fighters.
▪ In his future. Good fighters are like that, and Hopkins is among the best.
▪ Most of today's great tournament fighters on the world circuits limit themselves to a few techniques that work best for them.
▪ But I fought a great fighter tonight.
▪ An excess of nutrition has produced as many great fighters as hunger or poverty ever did.
▪ The victims are likely to become willing guerrilla fighters or refugees.
▪ Against the blows directed against them by reactionaries of all stripes, the Fourth International expresses its solidarity with the guerrilla fighters.
▪ The truck passes, and like jet fighters at an air show, we somehow manage to avoid contact.
▪ No new fighters ever seemed to come now, no fresh and eager faces appeared in the Takali mess.
▪ The high mission capable rates in the Gulf were achieved with old as well as new generation fighters.
▪ The new fighter will move around the area looking for openings in his opponent's defence.
▪ And Lockheed Martin now wants clearance to export the new F-22 stealth fighter.
▪ The original thirty-six aircraft had been increased or replaced by about thirty-six Soviet fighter aircraft.
▪ The younger fighter seemed to have recovered from the knockdown.
▪ Marson notes that he has all the necessary equipment, along with a million-dollar umbrella insurance policy to cover the young fighters.
▪ Most of the younger resistance fighters lived with other families who treated them like their sons.
▪ The F22 would clearly outperform any existing fighter aircraft.
▪ The controls and instrumentation of a modern fighter aircraft, for example, are bafflingly complex.
▪ No fighter aircraft could do it.
▪ From the latest fighter bomber, to something a little older.
▪ Knowing that it would call up the fighter bombers, the convoy scattered into whatever cover could be found.
▪ The planes are returning to the United States, although F-One-Eleven fighter bombers are staying on.
▪ At one point Dostam used fighter bombers to attack the presidential palace and defence ministry.
▪ Pentagon officials acknowledge using two Stealth fighter bombers to drop 2,000 pound bombs.
▪ F-one-eleven fighter bombers have been flying from the base for more than twenty years.
▪ I instructed Peter to keep a sharp lookout for enemy fighters and then to follow me.
▪ For this expenditure, intelligence estimated that 231 enemy fighters were killed.
▪ Antiaircraft fire had become greatly intensified, but in my continued observations I saw no enemy fighter planes.
▪ As many as 60 enemy fighters flew abreast of the Group, then turned and attacked in formation, using saturation tactics.
▪ No enemy fighters were in the air, nor were there any gun flashes from the ground.
▪ Only a few, isolated bursts of flak were seen and no enemy fighters were encountered.
▪ About four enemy fighters which took off were promptly shot down.
▪ Two fire fighters were killed ten days ago in the fire which gutted most of the factory.
▪ Ten classrooms were gutted in the arson attack, and three fire fighters were treated for smoke inhalation.
▪ Putting Labour in charge of reducing unemployment would be like sending a fire fighter to tackle a blaze with his hoses full of petrol.
▪ Diesel spill: Stockton fire fighters swilled away a quantity of diesel after a small spillage in Portrack Lane, yesterday morning.
▪ Burning car: Fire fighters were called to a car on fire at Hillside Avenue, Middlesbrough.
▪ Could the mayor of Vienna please have some fire fighters kept on alert around the parliament building, just in case?
▪ This may be what some of those egging the freedom fighters on want to happen.
▪ And Mel Gibson does pass muster as a filthy freedom fighter with a talent for decapitation.
▪ A skills shortage exists and the reintegration of former freedom fighters has proved difficult, with many incidents of undisciplined conduct.
▪ But quite the opposite happened, as the freedom fighters turned their confinement to good use.
▪ The hardest worked were the female freedom fighters.
▪ The army and police are no match for well-armed and determined freedom fighters.
▪ Police oppression of the freedom fighters brought my protest against authority almost to the point of obsession.
▪ You've also got various religious freedom fighters.
▪ Fear of a bad take-off, of night fighters, of flak and searchlights.
▪ Plane caught fire as a result of night fighter attacks.
▪ The fighter pilot taking a little light relief.
▪ Oscar was hurled through the windscreen like a fighter pilot jerking forward at G-speed.
▪ He was an outstanding fighter pilot who proved his mettle in a variety of tough assignments, including two wars.
▪ During launch the crew use pressure suits very similar those worn by fighter pilots.
▪ Don Shepperd told the news conference, referring to the fighter pilots involved in the two encounters.
▪ They were all fighter pilots and they got hit, you see.
▪ Until recently F-Shed was where Jaguar fighter planes were serviced.
▪ That incident occurred about 10 to 15 miles offshore, as the four fighter planes were returning from a training mission.
▪ It was a photograph of a fighter plane with the pilot standing beside it.
▪ The Navy is spending $ 83 billion on its F-18 E / F fighter plane program.
▪ Military sources say 12 of the Internet-ready devices would be able to control missiles or unmanned fighter planes.
▪ There are no gracefully lethal curves on this fighter plane.
▪ Antiaircraft fire had become greatly intensified, but in my continued observations I saw no enemy fighter planes.
▪ The plan seems to be to use airlift escorted by fighter planes.
▪ Soldiers, spies, resistance fighters, protesters.
▪ Most of the younger resistance fighters lived with other families who treated them like their sons.
▪ Peacock wondered if all fighter squadrons were like this.
▪ Been given a bomber squadron and one or two fighter squadrons and us.
▪ Pentagon officials acknowledge using two Stealth fighter bombers to drop 2,000 pound bombs.
▪ And Lockheed Martin now wants clearance to export the new F-22 stealth fighter.
▪ The Air Force intends the F-22 stealth fighter to be the grimmest perdition to darken the skies since mythological times.
▪ A new, all-but-invisible stealth fighter was no exception.
▪ But he was a street fighter who could also hold the attention of a pavement crowd by his eloquence.
▪ He was chunky and had a baby face and came to Our Lady of Mercy as a seasoned street fighter.
▪ I am not a street fighter, I don't need to hate him to beat him.
▪ This made him the ideal choice to fly this naval fighter.
▪ Aspiring pilots get to fly seven Imperial fighters, each with its own characteristics.
▪ Simply flying jet fighters in those early days involved high risk.
▪ All were found dead, stabbed in the stomach, presumably killed by rival fighters from the school down the road.
▪ a crime fighter
▪ Dad was a fighter, but he couldn't beat cancer.
▪ And legendary names like the Tiger Moth trainer and Mosquito and Vampire fighters were also made there.
▪ Halflings are excellent bowmen and stubborn fighters despite their rather diminutive size.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fighter \Fight"er\ (f[imac]t"[~e]r), n. [AS. feohtere.]

  1. One who fights; a combatant; a warrior.

  2. A boxer; a pugilist.

  3. A person with the determination and will to persist through great difficulty to achieve a goal; one with the courage to fight and resist an opponent, and to struggle with all one's powers.

  4. (Mil.) A military aircraft designed to seek out and destroy enemy aircraft; it is usually smaller and more maneuvarable than aircraft designed specifically for bombing. However, hybrid fighter-bomber aircraft that perform both functions also are used.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English feohtere; agent noun from fight (v.). Compare Dutch vechter, German Fechter. Old English also had feohtling in this sense. Meaning "fast military airplane used for combat" is from 1917.


n. 1 A person who fights; a combatant. 2 A warrior; fighting soldier. 3 A pugnacious, competitive person. 4 (context eulogistic English) A person with a strong determination to resist protracted or severe adversity, especially illness. 5 A class of fixed-wing aircraft whose primary purpose is that of shooting down other aircraft. Some of these (Fighter-Attack or Attack aircraft) also have a secondary purpose of attacking ground targets. 6 A boxer or participant in any martial art. 7 (context colloquial English) A firefighter 8 (context video games English) A game with a focus on physical combat.

  1. n. someone who fights (or is fighting) [syn: combatant, battler, belligerent, scrapper]

  2. a high-speed military or naval airplane designed to destroy enemy aircraft in the air [syn: fighter aircraft, attack aircraft]

  3. someone who fights for a cause [syn: champion, hero, paladin]


Fighter or the fighter or The Fighters may refer to:

  • A person who literally fights, e.g.
    • Boxer, one who boxes
    • Martial artist, someone skilled in codified practices and traditions of combat
    • Senshi (disambiguation) (戦士), a Japanese “soldier,” “warrior,” or “fighter”
    • Soldier, someone in the army
    • Warrior, a person skilled in combat
  • A person who figuratively fights, e.g.
    • A person who is determined to persevere or not give up
Fighter (song)

"Fighter" is a song recorded by American singer and songwriter Christina Aguilera for her fourth studio album, Stripped (2002). The song was written by Aguilera and Scott Storch, and produced by the latter. It was released by RCA Records as the third single from Stripped on March 13, 2003. Inspired by Guns N' Roses' song " November Rain", "Fighter" was characterized as a hybrid of rock and R&B that incorporates elements of arena rock and rock and roll. The track sees Aguilera thanking a man who had done wrong to her for making her a "fighter."

"Fighter" received mostly positive reviews from music critics, who praised Aguilera's vocals and the song's empowering lyrics. The single peaked at number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). As of September 2014, "Fighter" has sold 1.184 million copies in the United States. Elsewhere, the song reached the top ten of several national music charts, including those in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.

A music video for "Fighter" was directed by Floria Sigismondi. Aguilera performed the track on three of her major concert tours: Justified and Stripped Tour (2003), The Stripped Tour (2003), and Back to Basics Tour (2006–08). "Fighter" has been covered by several artists, including Jordin Sparks and Darren Criss.

Fighter (Dungeons & Dragons)

The fighter is one of the standard playable character classes in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. A fighter is a versatile, weapons-oriented warrior who fights using skill, strategy and tactics.

Fighter is a generic and broad class; individual fighters have diverse backgrounds and different styles. Bodyguards, adventurers, former soldiers, invading bandit kings, or master swordsmen are all fighters, yet they come from all walks of life and backgrounds and often find themselves on very different alignments, goals, and sides in a conflict.

Fighter (2011 film)

Fighter is a Bengali action film directed by Rabi Kinagi and starring Jeet and Srabanti Chatterjee. The film was produced by Eskay Films, the soundtrack was composed by Indradeep Dasgupta. The movie was super hit in the Box Office. This film is a remake of the 2007 Telugu movie Lakshyam.

Fighter (album)

Fighter is the sixth studio album by the Christian rapper Manafest. It was released on April 10, 2012 under BEC Recordings. The album was, in majority, produced by Seth Mosley (of Newsboys producer fame).

Fighter (David Nail album)

Fighter is the fourth studio album by American country music artist David Nail. It was released on July 15, 2016, via MCA Nashville. It includes the single " Night's on Fire".

Fighter (2000 film)

Fighter is a documentary film about Arnošt Lustig (1926–2011) and Jan Wiener (1920–2010), two Jews who return to Europe to revisit the past.

A survivor of Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, and Buchenwald, Lustig was a Prague-based journalist and author. The German-born Wiener escaped from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, and joined the Royal Air Force in Italy. The film retraces Wiener's escape route, and visits Theresienstadt (where Wiener's mother died), Auschwitz, and Buchenwald. It received a Special Jury Citation in the 2000 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Best Documentary at the Newport International Film Festival, and the audience award at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Usage examples of "fighter".

And in those times it was well to have the strong arms and sharp blades of any fighters available, for the Lowlands to the north were all aboil and the border was all aflame from end to end.

Sleek in some lines and blunt in others, it resembled the F-42, an experimental Air Force fighter unmatched in stealth, maneuverability, and weapons, with a thrust that well exceeded its weight, and aeroelasticity that allowed its wings to alter according to commands from its onboard mesh.

When the fighters left us, the bomb aimer said could we go round again.

Flight Lieutenant Alfred Mug-geridge, bomb aimer in a 156 Squadron Lancaster shot down that night near Magdeburg, describes how his aircraft was attacked by a night fighter.

Marine Corps combat instructor, Akers was trained as a Navy SEAL, and Swigart was a former Navy A-36 fighter pilot.

This was so new and strange a thing for her who had built her life upon her own silence and aloneness that she pushed it from her foremind, telling herself that there might well be trouble in the foothills, and two fighters were better than one if that came.

How dangerous will the Kabras, the only professional fighters in the Amalgamation, turn out to be, when our people can intensify their feelings that to fight an equal force of their own is useless, and that any force of ours they face is just like one of their own?

General Amit could remember the conversation clearly, the taut, angry face of the Russian-born fighter, nicknamed Issar the Terrible.

Young Conservative and Young Socialist and Libertarian literature, a group of Anachronists clustered on a lawn around two masked and gauntleted men with their wooden battle-swords, striking at one another while their referee or marshall or whatever they called him circled slowly around the fighters.

Chakans were reputable fighters known for the simplicity of their tactics and sophistication of their equipment, yet a few moments of apocalyptic alien fury had obliterated ships and soldiers as thoroughly as moths in a volcano.

Neither Gaar nor I liked that comment, but we kept silent while Arem babbled on about what a great fighter Gaar was, and how he should join the Army.

Fighters launched by Croom, the dependable protector of the Argyle treasures.

El Arish and called for an immediate strike by the air force fighters.

The familiar smell of lamp oil, leather and sweat enfolded him as he looked down on the sand-covered armory floor where he had spent so many years, first training to be a warrior, then proving over and over to his men that he was the best fighter in the pack.

So now not a single Trojan fighter had the spine to go and face Atrides tensing in all his strength.