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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

magnifying apparatus, by 1836, so called from being used in the field; see field (n.) + glass (n.).

Usage examples of "field-glass".

Focusing the field-glasses, he saw that the dogs were of different varieties, but none of them of the short-legged ratter type.

Here, for the last century-and-a-half, I have directed my operatives in the slow elaboration of my grand strategy, first conceived aboard the Bellerophon, whereof the time has now arrived to commence the execution: a project beside which Jena, Austerlitz, Vim, Marengo, the 18th Brumaire, even the original Revolution, are as our ancient 18-Pounders to an H-bomb, or my old field-glass to the Mount Palomar reflector: I mean the New, the Second Revolution, an utterly novel revolution.

Beneath my cloak I had a field-glass and a pocket pistol, as well as my sword.