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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Feu \Feu\ (f[=u]), n. [See 2d Feud, and Fee.] (Scots Law) A free and gratuitous right to lands made to one for service to be performed by him; a tenure where the vassal, in place of military services, makes a return in grain or in money.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

n. Land held in feudal tenure.

Feu (land tenure)

Feu was previously the most common form of land tenure in Scotland, as conveyancing in Scots law was dominated by feudalism until the Scottish Parliament passed the Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc. (Scotland) Act 2000. The word is the Scots variant of fee. The English had in 1660 abolished these tenures, with An Act taking away the Court of Wards..., since 1948 known as the Tenures Abolition Act 1660.

Feu (food)

Feu (; also known as Lao beef stew, Lao beef noodle soup or feu noodle soup and sometimes spelled fer) is a long-simmered Lao stew or noodle soup most often made with meat and bones (beef or chicken), vegetables, and herbs. Feu may be served two ways, either as a stew along with steamed rice or as a noodle soup consisting of rice noodles. The English name for this Lao dish is "feu", a spelling derived from the French dish ; however, in Laos, this Lao stew or noodle soup is written as in the Lao script.


Feu may refer to:

  • Feu (food), a Lao stew or noodle soup from Laos
  • Feu (land tenure), a form of land tenure in Scotland
  • Feu, a studio album by French hip hop artist Nekfeu
  • Limi Feu (born Limi Yamamoto), Japanese fashion designer
  • Fatu Feu'u (b. 1946), Samoan painter

The acronym FEU may refer to:

  • Far East University (Taiwan), a private university in Taiwan
  • Far Eastern University, a private university in the Philippines
  • Federación Estudiantíl Universitaria (Federation of University Students), Cuban university student organization
  • Foreign Entertainers Unit, a division of HM Revenue and Customs, responsible for withholding tax
  • Forty-foot Equivalent Unit, unit of cargo capacity based on a 40-foot-long intermodal container
Feu (album)

Feu is the debut studio album by French hip hop artist Nekfeu. It was released on June 8, 2015 by Seine Zoo, Polydor Records and Universal Music Group in France. A re-release of the album, entitled Feu (Réédition), was released on December 4, 2015.

Entering (and peaking) the French Albums Chart at number 3 in its first week, the album was certified gold in its third week with over 47,000 copies sold. In November 2015, Nekfeu announced that the album was certified platinum.

Usage examples of "feu".

As she had opened the town of Porto Ferrajo several minutes before she was herself seen from the Feu Follet, an ensign was hanging from the end of her gaff, though there was not sufficient air to open its folds, in a way to let the national character of the stranger be known.

Aras considered the irony: Rayat had been sent to seize it for the FEU.

We challenge the FEU president to let us talk to Eddie Michallat, unedited and unrestricted.

Sur la rive du faubourg, entre les deux tours du Pont Vieux, il vit des hommes bouger autour du feu de la garde.

Feuer der ersten Begeisterung eines Mannes geschrieben, der an seine Mission und die Unfehlbarkeit seiner Theorien glaubt.

Kunst ist das goettliche Feuer, das an die Welt gelegt werde, damit sie aufflamme und zergehe samt all ihrer Schande und Marter in erloesendem Mitleid!

Schwert aus den Skelettfingern, und ob es auch aussah wie Feuer, so brannte es ihn doch nicht.

See more fully Spel of Feus and Tenures, and Q aigius de Jure Feud, lib.

I will bid Father Ernulf look through the rolls, and see what feus are vacant.

You remember, they grew out of the breakup of the old Croix de Feu, only about ten times worse.

An keinem Feuer kann ich erwannen, Keine Sonne lacht mir mehr, Ist alles leer, Ist alles kalt und ohne Erbarmen, Und auch die lieben klaren Sterne schauen mich trostlos an, Seit ich im Herzen erfahren, Dass Liebe sterben kann.

Dieser Dienst gab dem Anrufer genaue technische Einzelheiten der Atombatterie bekannt und sprach die Warnung aus, daß bei Schußverletzungen, Verkehrsunfällen, Feuer und anderen Einwirkungen auf die Batterie Plutonium freigesetzt werden konnte und damit die Gefahr einer harten Alphastrahlung nach außen bestand.

I have often thought the same thing of the heterogeneities that go to make up a soldier's pot-a feu.