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alt. (plural of fete English) n. (plural of fete English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fete)

Usage examples of "fetes".

Constituency Wife, Mark I, the opener of fetes and natural hogger of cameras.

The calling in of aids, which are real fetes of labour, is known to be quite habitual in Westphalia, Hesse, and Nassau.

And while waiting for lunch to be served, they went down to see the winter garden, which was being enlarged for some fetes which Ambroise wished to give.

Harmony Hummers, get together to sing more popular stuff and they perform at various local bashes fetes and things.

After a short stay at Tours, Ronald and Malcolm returned to Paris, where a series of brilliant fetes in honour of the victory of Fontenoy were in preparation.

Delighted above all things at a success gained over the English, who had for centuries been victorious in every battle in which England and France had met as enemies, the citizens of Paris organized a succession of brilliant fetes, which were responded to by entertainments of all kinds at Versailles.

For a few weeks they remained in Paris, taking part in the brilliant fetes which celebrated the success of the French arms, and they then retired to the handsome chateau which was now the property of the countess.

Engrossed in fetes and Coronation rites, Abide till, at the need, I reach Boulogne, And head the enterprize.

They have no fetes, no fairs, no merry makings, no music in the streets, no Punch, no puppet-shows.