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n. (plural of fem English)

Usage examples of "fems".

Jopland fems were handsome creatures in their prime, Maia conceded, between ages six and twelve.

Maia stumbled behind the two massive, harsh-faced fems, who had left her arms bound in front to use as a kind of leash.

With a low birthrate, the labor shortage draws outsider fems like me, seeking work but also disrupting the peace with our strange faces and voices, our unpredictability.

Aroused fems were seldom dangerous, and it was doubtful the poor fellow got much notice during summertime.

Humans obstinately refused to change their lingua franca for the sake of the Library, (though both Skins and Shirts began studying Indo-European for fun—each for their own reasons) and instead sent their brightest mels and fems to help the helpful aliens adjust.

Those bright young males and fems, the treasure of their nation, died by the thousands alongside their space-brothers, descendants of Andy Jackson and of Andy Jackson's slaves.

But you young fems, you got the treasure of them all, every one of you, and it's the only treasure in the world the owner don't have no obligation to hide.

She noticed that all the topless fems were with a powerful-looking male or a gang.

All the pads'll be ripped off, and you don't wanna meet the kinda fems that hang out in the bathroom after a concert.