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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

slang for "woman," by 1936, from female.


n. 1 (context colloquial pejorative English) An effeminate or homosexual man. 2 (context LGBT slang English) The more feminine member of a lesbian relationship.

FEM (TV channel)

FEM (the first letters of the word "feminine" and roughly homophonous with femme, but also the Norwegian word for "five") is a Norwegian television channel targeting young women. It broadcasts from London and is the second channel of TVNorge, part of SBS Discovery Media.

FEM was created for the launch of the digital terrestrial television platform RiksTV and started broadcasting on September 3, 2007.

The channel will show series such as Dirt and Big Love as well as original programming.


FEM may refer to:

  • Fem (magazine), a feminist magazine
  • FEM (TV channel), a Norwegian television channel
  • Field emission microscopy, an analytical technique to investigate molecular surface structures
  • Finite element method, a numerical technique for partial differential equations
Fem (magazine)

Fem is a major feminist magazine and the first Latin American one. The idea for it was conceived in 1975 during a conference in Morelia, Michoacán, and it was established in the following year by Alaíde Foppa and Margarita García Flores. In 2005, its director, Esperanza Brito de Martí, reported that the print version was being discontinued due to high costs and from then on, the magazine would only be published online. The magazine focuses on social and political issues, art and cinema. It contains news, poetry and short stories. Topics range from domestic violence to health care, women in the student movement, AIDS, prostitution, and Chicanas.

Usage examples of "fem".

Her girlfriends-engineered with one-hundred-percent fem blood-were able to laugh it off.

The resulting balance makes you most similar to a fem, though you have some submissive tendencies, too.

The fact that a primale would take a fem for a lifemate, and that a fem would agree to such a thing, had astounded everyone.

She fought it hard, for what it represented-not strength and fem independence, but obedient dependence.

If he put his mark upon her and claimed her that would satisfy her obedient side, yes, but what about her fem side?

There were some among the Guardians who questioned why the General was mated to a fem in the first place.

She had to be fem to be in the Diplo Corps but he had never before found a fem even remotely attractive.

Under no circumstances should a primale touch a fem, much less when both were in service.

Whether she realized it or not, this fem diplomat was sending out strong submissive signals.

She could hate herself for all this later with her more dignified fem half.

Continuing to fool him into thinking she was a fem, even if an awkward, uncertain one.

The fem part was there, the stiffening, the bodily rejection, but there was that other response, too-hot, almost welcoming.

Were she being treated as a fem, he would be responsible for pleasing her and making her want to receive anal attentions.

Could there be the DNA of an obedient mixed in with her freewheeling fem self?

He turned to look down at the sucking fem and snapped out a phrase before returning his mouth to Orah, trembling in his hold.