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n. (plural of feat English)

Usage examples of "feats".

The feats they perform with it far exceed the most wonderful acts of fire-eating and fire-handling accomplished by civilized jugglers.

A gentleman residing in Marseilles had seen him while soliciting alms perform most astonishing feats of memory, and brought him to Paris.

A shiftless fellow, left to his own devices, he performed some wonderful feats, and among the many stories connected with this period of his life is one which describes how he actually ate up a good-sized patch of sugar cane, simply because he found it good to his taste.

Some other persons perform wonderful feats of a similar nature on an oscillating trapeze, and many similar performances have been witnessed by the spectators of our large circuses.

The most wonderful feats of dexterity are thus reduced into mere automatic movements.

An expert tool juggler in one of the great English needle factories, in a recent test of skill, performed one of the most delicate mechanical feats imaginable.

The instances of feats of agility and endurance are in every sense of the word examples of physiologic and functional anomalies, and have in all times excited the interest and investigation of capable physicians.

The Roman historians have also recited the extraordinary feats of the couriers of their times.

Rowell, Hughes, and Fitzgerald have astonishingly high records for long-distance running, comparing favorably with the older, and presumably mythical, feats of this nature.

Socrates relates the feats of swimming among the inhabitants of Delos.

Such feats are not only the most amusing sights of a modern circus, but also the most interesting as well.

Greek mythology we find a great number of heroes, celebrated for their feats of strength and endurance.

The most famous of his feats were the twelve labors, with which all readers of mythology are familiar.

Oenother, a native of a village in Suabia, who performed marvelous feats of strength.

He was exhibited in London, and performed remarkable feats of strength.