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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Feasible \Fea"si*ble\ (f[=e]"z[i^]*b'l) a. [F. faisable, fr. faire to make or do, fr. L. facere. See Fact, Feat.]

  1. Capable of being done, executed, or effected; practicable.

    Always existing before their eyes as a thing feasible in practice.

    It was not feasible to gratify so many ambitions.

  2. Fit to be used or tilled, as land. [R.]
    --R. Trumbull. Fea"si*ble*ness, n.
    -- Fea"si*bly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from feasible + -ly (2).


adv. In a feasible manner

Usage examples of "feasibly".

He holds the shotgun out away from him, as nearly parallel to his body as he can feasibly manage, muzzle up.

Result: This building has so much computing power packed in it that you need never go outside it for any program that can be feasibly run at all.

It cannot feasibly be diverted from the known routes of march, or portions of it detached at random.

He radioed Batman and asked that the tanker be brought in as close as feasibly possible.