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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Feasibility \Fea"si*bil*ity\ (f[=e]`z[i^]*b[i^]l"[i^]*t[y^]) n.; pl. Feasibilities (f[=e]`z[i^]*b[i^]l"[i^]*tiz). [from Feasible] The quality of being feasible; practicability; also, that which is feasible; as, before we adopt a plan, let us consider its feasibility.

Men often swallow falsities for truths, dubiosities for certainties, possibilities for feasibilities.
--Sir T. Browne.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from feasible + -ity.


n. (context uncountable English) The state of being feasible or possible


n. the quality of being doable [syn: feasibleness] [ant: infeasibility]


Feasibility may refer to:

  • Logical possibility, that which is achievable.
  • Feasible region, a region that satisfies mathematical constraints
  • Feasibility study, a preliminary study to determine a project's viability.
  • Feasibility Study, an episode of The Outer Limits TV show.

Usage examples of "feasibility".

I believe that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, former commander of Special Forces command, is in a better position to make a judgment on the feasibility of this than, perhaps, Mr.

The study is said to have considered the feasibility of hijacking planes and blowing them up in flight, paralleling the Bojinka concept.

Hazmi and Hanjour to evaluate its feasibility and was awaiting their answer.

Aviation Unit of the NYPD dispatched two helicopters to the WTC to report on conditions and assess the feasibility of a rooftop landing or of special rescue operations.

HARLIE has proven that he can design and propose a massive project with complete supporting and feasibility studies for all aspects of the project.

Mostly letters concerning the feasibility of establishing a postal center in Yaqui Springs.

Back in New York, I got in touch with Prock Marine, or, rather, with its president, Wallace Prock, and a couple of weeks later I was again on the island, this time to get his assessment of both the cost and the feasibility of moving the house by water.

We need also to understand the feasibility of line-rearing our own bees - we may have to breed our own bees to use against the Africans.

But Lex, being the son of Murichon Burns, had been off planet twice, once when he was just thirteen, on a scouting trip into Cassiopeian territory to determine the feasibility of trade routes into the galaxy.

The testing of another portion of the same coal in a briquette machine at different pressures and with different percentages and kinds of binder, in order to determine the feasibility of briquetting the slack or fine coal.

Once, in the past, we did a feasibility study on the use of nanotechnological systems for intelligence and sabotage purposes.

True to form, Dade officials endorsed the HABDI lease without researching the feasibility of putting a big air park in South Dade.

We're experts in containerization, unit loads, electronic data processing, feasibility studies.

Nine millions of dollars, in other words, that would have gone to purchase aviation fire trucks, avionic maintenance vans, hydraulic stands, tools, APUs, and the other paraphernalia of aircraft maintenance, went instead to the marines to fund a "Joint Project in Engineering Feasibility Studies for Twin Engined Observation Aircraft.

Funding depended on how well he did his job and demonstrated both the feasibility and dependability of the buds.