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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The intense heat of the Cuban summer doesn't faze Vasquez.
▪ None of it seemed to faze him.
▪ The mass walkout did not faze him.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Phase \Phase\ (f[=a]z), v. t. [Cf. Feeze.] To disturb the composure of; to disconcert; to nonplus; -- an older spelling, now replaced by faze. [Colloq., Archaic]

Syn: faze. [Webster 1913 Suppl. +PJC]


faze \faze\ (f[=a]z), v. t. To cause to become disconcerted or disturbed. A variant form of Feeze. ``The perpetual need to learn new software doesn't faze him.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1830, American English, said to be a variant of Kentish dialect feeze "to frighten, alarm, discomfit" (mid-15c.), from Old English fesian, fysian "drive away, send forth, put to flight," from Proto-Germanic *fausjan (cognates: Swedish fösa "drive away," Norwegian föysa). Related: Fazed; fazing. Bartlett (1848) has it as to be in a feeze "in a state of excitement." There also is a nautical verb feaze "to unravel" (a rope), from 1560s.


vb. (context informal English) To frighten or cause hesitation; to daunt, put off (usually used in the negative), to perturb, to disconcert.


v. disturb the composure of [syn: unnerve, enervate, unsettle]

Faze (magazine)

Faze is a Canadian-based magazine written for teens and young adults, also available in the United States.

Faze began publishing in 1999, founded by Lorraine Zander who remains editor-in-chief. While it covers a broad range of topics it is mostly read by girls 12–19. Style, real-life stories, humour, health are all big parts of Faze but music typically is the biggest component with recent covers featuring artists such as The Black Eyed Peas, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, LIGHTS, Beyoncé, Cody Simpson and many more.

Faze has always aimed to be an intelligent, positive magazine for young people. Teens themselves are highly involved in the editorial process, choosing stories and doing a healthy share of the writing and editing.

Faze also has a large website with archived articles and web-only content at Faze Online.

Faze (musician)

Chibuzor Oji better known by his stage name Faze is a Nigerian musician and actor. He is a member of the defunct Nigerian hip hop group Plantashun Boyz, along with BlackFace Naija and TuFace (better known as 2face Idibia. The group split up in 2004 and each member of the group has gone on to launch solo careers.

Faze is a best-selling Nigerian artist. His first album Faze Alone sold over three million copies, while his second album Independent has sold over 7 million copies. His third album Originality went platinum in its first month of release. He is the first Nigerian artist to have three consecutive platinum albums. Faze is known for his ability to sing the highest vocal note out of Nigerian contemporary male musicians . His collaborations include a recorded single with Wyclef Jean titled "Proud to Be African".

In 2011 Faze made his acting debut starring in the lead male role of 'Lovechild' in the critically acclaimed Nigerian movie Alero's Symphony. He also provided the movie's soundtrack for which he won an Africa Movie Academy Award in 2012, in the category of Achievement in Soundtrack.


Faze means to frighten or cause hesitation to someone.

Faze may also refer to:

  • Faze (magazine), a Canadian magazine
  • Faze (band) 1990s
  • Faze (musician), Nigerian musician
    • Faze discography
  • FaZe Clan, a professional esports team
  • Faze FM
  • Faze TV (disambiguation)
  • Faze Action
Faze (band)

Faze was an American soul band of the 1980s and early 1990s. Their discography includes the albums Love Games (1991) and Love Affairs (1995).

Usage examples of "faze".

But Bozo refused to yield to circumstance, or to permit the novelty of this adventure to faze him.

The fact that the funeral was for one of the noble patrons of Epsom Downs, and the tribute was in the form of a horseshoe, had not fazed Skippy for an instant.

The only thing at Anthroresearch that still fazed him a little was SHROUD, whose face was a human skull that looked at you through a more-or-less abstracted butyrate head.

He also looked like you could smack him across the chops with a bundle of re bar and not faze him.

But some things were more important than others, Cathy said, and not being fazed by Hannah Mitchell was top priority.

She did not seem to be fazed to see her boss standing in a flower-bed.

He was so heavy my armlocks and tricks did not faze him, and he was just about to pancake me when the phone rang and the bartender called Yurloko.

That both Candy and Melanie were nicely tanned, with obvious white patches of skin where their bikinis had covered their boobies and bottoms, seemed not to faze Miriam.

And while the first strokes had hardly fazed Bill, the continual dinting of those iron-hard fists had had an effect.

Sally Brewton, of all people, sounded uneasy, and nothing ever fazed Sally.

And so cold it was that Rowan wore her woolen gloves and watch cap even in the wheelhouse, drinking cup after cup of steaming coffee, which never fazed her immense exhaustion.

A woolen sweater in summer yet, and the perspiration scarcely fazes him.

A thick orange rod of fire spread over the machine—then dissipated, not fazing it.

Although Jesse Pinn could hang a consoling expression on his mug as convincingly as could Sandy Kirk, he incinerated murder victims in a crematorium furnace to assist in the cover-up of capital crimes, so he was not likely to be fazed by laws restricting Lockaid ownership.