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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fay \Fay\, v. i. (Shipbuilding) To lie close together; to fit; to fadge; -- often with in, into, with, or together.

Faying surface, that surface of an object which comes with another object to which it is fastened; -- said of plates, angle irons, etc., that are riveted together in shipwork.


Fay \Fay\, n. [F. f['e]e. See Fate, and cf. Fairy.] A fairy; an elf. ``Yellow-skirted fays.''


Fay \Fay\, n. [OF. fei, F. foi. See Faith.] Faith; as, by my fay. [Obs.]


Fay \Fay\ (f[=a]), v. t. [imp. & p. p. fayed; p. pr. & vb. n. Faying.] [OE. feien, v.t. & i., AS. f[=e]gan to join, unite; akin to OS. f[=o]gian, D. voegen, OHG. fuogen, G. f["u]gen, Sw. fog

  1. See Fair, and cf. Fadge.] (Shipbuilding) To fit; to join; to unite closely, as two pieces of wood, so as to make the surface fit together.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fem. proper name, in some cases from Middle English fei, Old French fei "faith," or else from fay "fairy."


"fairy," late 14c., from Old French fae (12c., Modern French fée), from Vulgar Latin *fata "goddess of fate," fem. singular of Latin fata (neuter plural), literally "the Fates" (see fate (n.)). Adjective meaning "homosexual" is attested from 1950s.


Etymology 1 vb. 1 To fit. 2 To join or unite closely or tightly. 3 To lie close together. 4 To fadge. Etymology 2

vb. (context dialectal English) To cleanse; clean out. Etymology 3

n. A fairy; an elf. Etymology 4

  1. (context US slang English) white. n. (context US slang English) A white person.

Fay (disambiguation)

Fay is an alternative word for fairy.

Fay can also refer to:

  • Fay (given name), a unisex given name
  • Fay (surname), a surname
  • Fay (TV series), television series broadcast from 1975–76
  • Fay, Islamic property right mentioned in Surah 4:6 of the Qur'an
  • Tropical Storm Fay (2002), 2002 tropical cyclone
  • Tropical Storm Fay (2008), 2008 tropical cyclone
  • V in Dutch
  1. Redirect Fayetteville Regional Airport
Fay (TV series)

Fay is an American sitcom starring Lee Grant as the title character. The series aired on NBC from September 1975 to June 1976.

Fay (given name)

Fay is a unisex given name, and may refer to:

  • E. Fay Jones (1921–2004), American architect
  • Fay Babcock (1895–1970), American film set director
  • Fay Bainter (1893–1968), American actress
  • Fay Baker (1917–1987), American actress
  • Fay B. Begor (1916–1943), American physician
  • Fay Bellamy Powell (1938–2013), American civil rights activist
  • Fay Chung (born 1941), Zimbabwean educator
  • Fay Compton (1894–1978), English actress
  • Fay Coyle (1933–2007), Northern Irish footballer
  • Fay Crocker (born 1914), Uruguayan golfer
  • Fay Davis (1873–1945), American actress
  • Fay Devlin (21st century), Irish footballer
  • Fay Dowker (21st century), British theoretical physicist
  • Fay Gale (1932–2008), Australian cultural geographer
  • Fay Gillis Wells (1908–2002), American aviator
  • Fay Godwin (1931–2005), British photographer
  • Fay Holden (1893–1973), American actress
  • Fay Holderness (1881–1963), American actor
  • Fay Kanin (born 1917), American screenwriter
  • Fay Kelton (21st century), Australian actress
  • Fay Kleinman (born 1912), American painter
  • Fay Lanphier (1905–1959), American model
  • Fay Lemport (20th century), American actress
  • Fay McKay (1930–2008), American entertainer
  • Fay McKenzie (born 1918), American actor
  • Fay Moulton (1876–1945), American sprinter
  • Fay Na (19th century), King of Champasak
  • Fay Presto (born 1948), British magician
  • Fay Ripley (born 1966), English actress
  • Fay Rusling (21st century), British comedy writer
  • Fay Spain (1932–1983), American actress
  • Fay Taylour (1904–1983), Irish motorcycle racer
  • Fay Templeton (1865–1939), American actress
  • Fay Thomas (1903–1990), American baseball player
  • Fay Tincher (1884–1983), American actress
  • Fay Vincent (born 1938), American film studio executive
  • Fay Weldon (born 1931), English author
  • Fay Wray (1907–2004), American actress
  • Fay Zwicky (born 1933), Australian poet
  • Hesba Fay Brinsmead (1922–2003), Australian author
  • Melissa Fay Greene (born 1952), American journalist
  • Mildred Fay Jefferson (born 1927), American physician
Fay (surname)

Fay is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Bel Fay (1913-1992), American businessperson
  • Bill Fay (21st century), English singer
  • Charles Ernest Fay (1846-1931), American mountain climber
  • Charles Joseph Fay, Irish politician
  • Darren Fay (born 1976), Irish footballer
  • Dorothy Fay (1915-2003), American actress
  • Faith Fay (21st century), American actress
  • Francis B. Fay (1793-1876), American politician
  • Frank Fay (American actor) (1897-1961), American Vaudeville performer
  • Frank Fay (Irish actor) (1870-1931), Irish co-founder of the Abbey Theatre
  • Fred Fay (21st century), American disability rights activist
  • George Fay (21st century), United States Army general
  • Isabel Fay (born 1979), British actor
  • J. Michael Fay (born 1956), American ecologist
  • James Bernard Fay (born 1947), Canadian farmer
  • James H. Fay (1899-1948), American lawyer
  • John D. Fay (1815-1895), American civil engineer
  • John Fay (politician) (1773-1855), American politician
  • John Fay (writer) (21st century), British television writer
  • Johnny Fay (born 1966), Canadian drummer
  • Jonathan Fay (21st century), American computer scientist
  • Larry Fay (1888-1933), American businessperson
  • Martin Fay (1938-2012), Irish fiddler
  • Maura Fay (1958-2001), Australian television producer
  • Meagen Fay (21st century), American actress
  • Michael Fay (banker) (21st century), New Zealand businessperson
  • Michael D. Fay, American war and combat artist
  • Michael P. Fay (born 1975), American criminal
  • Ming Fay (21st century), American sculptor
  • Paul B. Fay (1918-2009), United States Secretary of the Navy
  • Peter T. Fay (born 1929), American lawyer
  • Peter W. Fay (1924-2004), American historian
  • Rick Fay (1926-1999), American clarinetist
  • Sam Fay (1856-1953), English railwayman
  • Sidney Bradshaw Fay (1876-1967), American historian
  • William Fay (1872-1947), Irish actor

Usage examples of "fay".

Merlin had declared that he should not die, he bade the knight lay him in a barge, all hung with black, wherein he would find Morgana the fay, the Queen of Northgallis, and the Queen of the Westerlands.

Askama was tegen George aan het kletsen over een lang, ingewikkeld verhaal dat ze samen hadden verzonnen, tot ze Kinsa en Fayer zag en de kinderen wegliepen om te spelen.

I marueled first at this straunge accedent, and was amazed at this inhumane harmonye, but most of all in that I was in a straunge contry, and vninhabited, being onelye fertill and beawtyfull to behould, besydes that I greatly sorrowed for the losse of the fayer ryuer which I had so greatly labored to finde out, and now so lightly and carelesly to haue lost the benefit thereof.

Gore, and none other than Queen Morgan le Fay, the famous enchantress, who for loss of her gerfalcon was lightly sending Sir Dinar to his ruin.

Fay Stender was gunned down by an operative of Panther leader George Jackson.

Michael Robert Gregory, and to my long-standing friend and colleague, Fay Rae Lambers, in equal shares, with the provision that one may buy out the other if both parties so desire.

He did not know who Thaddeus Fay was, nor who Sheck was, nor what their game was.

Fay, the youngest of the sisters, displayed the family neurosis by weighing two hundred pounds.

Fay said petulantly, watching the eternally boring landscape of Oklahoma rolling by.

And some on the jellied quarl, that flings At once a thousand streamy stings - They cut the wave with the living oar And hurry on to the moonlight shore, To guard their realms and chase away The footsteps of the invading Fay.

Could it be our fay princess has captured the heart of a Sharan prince?

I have strook off the heads of Philpritz Faz, and Illarosh, and Lurmesh, and Gandassa, and Fax Fay Faz, that were the lords and governors here aforetime, abounding in all the bloody and crying sins, oppression, gluttony, idleness, cruelty, and extortion.

Fay were still the leading men of the company, creating the principal characters of all the plays of Synge and of those of Mr.

We came but a few generations ago from where the gold curtains of the sun lie behind the westward pine-trees, and as we came we drove, year by year, those fays, those spent triflers, back before us.

Fay Hardaway, a fact is that Father married Kate Vermeil and Rashmi Jones.