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n. (plural of farm English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: farm)

Usage examples of "farms".

All my life I have had visions of farms with flocks and herds, but I did not expect to realize my visions until I came on earth a second time.

I discoursed at some length on farms and farmers to Polly, who slept through most of the harangue.

This road is bordered by small farms, most of them given over to dairying interests.

There are nearly six million farms in this nation, and four millions of them would be greatly benefited by the addition of another man to the working force.

Our future food supplies must be drawn largely from the six million farms now under fences.

These farms must be made to yield fourfold their present product, or they will fall short, not only of the demands made upon them, but also of their possibilities.

The city families who had farms or country places near the village were so fond of them that they rarely closed them for more than two or three months, and these months were as likely to come in summer as in winter.

What factors will shape the mechanization of USE farms and how will mechanization shape the USE?

Add the pressures of the growing industries around Grantville competing for what labor exists and the farms will remain short of people to work the crops.

Physically, the German farming community more closely resembled a fried egg on a plate than the USA model of neatly laid out individual farms of rectangular fields bounded by straight roads crossing at right angles.

On the more conductive side, there is the factor that the village farms will be better able to afford the new machines.

They will build such engines and these engines will be useful on farms as stationary power sources for threshers, balers, loaders, etc.

Many girls who had been leading drab lives on farms in other parts of the county gravitated to the inns that lined Hell Street to listen for the bells of the incoming wagoners.

He was headed east of town toward one of the finest farms in Lancaster County, just beyond the tollgate.

Zendt family had always married late, when the stormy passions of youth had been suppressed and when the family as a whole had time to study contiguous farms to ascertain which had desirable fields that might accompany the girl of the family when she married.