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family history

n. 1 an extension to genealogy in which the life and times of the people concerned are investigated 2 (context medicine English) Information concerning the disorders suffered by the direct relatives of a patient; especially useful if the disorders are genetic

family history

n. part of a patient's medical history in which questions are asked in an attempt to find out whether the patient has hereditary tendencies toward particular diseases

Family history (medicine)

In medicine, a family history consists of information about disorders from which the direct blood relatives of the patient have suffered. Genealogy typically includes very little of the medical history of the family, but the medical history could be considered a specific subset of the total history of a family. Accurate knowledge of a patient's family history may identify a predisposition to developing certain illnesses, which can inform clinical decisions and allow effective management or even prevention of conditions.

Usage examples of "family history".

To try to glamorize her family history by connecting it with the heroic mountaineer?

Most, the workaday belief of those whose faith is part of who they are and their family history.

Just as the European standing for the first time on the edge of the desert will see nothing there, while his Arab can tell him the family history of each of the fifty persons in view, because he has learnt how to look, so with practice the thoughts will become more numerous and more insistent.