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n. 1 (context informal English) family 2 (context colloquial hospitality industry English) familiarization. 3 (context slang AAVE and Multicultural London English English) (non-gloss definition: A Term of endearment between friends; derived from "family" but not used between relatives.)


FAM or Fam can mean:

  • Free and Accepted Masons, i.e. Freemasons
  • Foreign Affairs Manual, an organization handbook for the U.S. Department of State
  • File Alteration Monitor
  • Fat acceptance movement
  • fuzzy associative matrix
  • Fam Islands in Indonesia
  • Free Aceh Movement in Indonesia
  • Fertility Awareness Method
  • Federal Air Marshal
  • Football Association of Malaysia
  • Football Association of Maldives
  • Family, particularly as an abbreviation for the Family court
  • Mexican Air Force - Spanish abbreviation of 'Fuerza AĆ©rea Mexicana.'
  • Filipinas, Ahora Mismo - a cultural radio magazine show in the Philippines; also a Scholarship program by the Press Association of Cadiz.
  • Nickname for Anthony Famiglietti
  • 6-carboxyfluorescein, or 6-FAM, a fluorescent label used in molecular biology

Usage examples of "fam".

He kept one eye on the pulsing aura-trail and one on his new Fam, awaiting her answer.

I, my wife, Danith, and my Fam, Zanth, all visited a Healer after the trip.

The house indicated a small ident stone on the floor near the Fam no-time.

Drina set her paw on the stone, and an instant later the bottom of the Fam no-time slid up, showing a plate of food.

The Fam spent most of her time with Straif, demanding petting, curling to nap on his lap when he worked in his ResidenceDen, sometimes sneaking into the bed during the middle of the night and sleeping next to Straif.

If Samba was anything like Drina and every other FamCat, Samba would turn the tables on Drina, and Straif would leave with a Fam with wounded pride.

Family, bonded with a Fam, and found a potion that granted immunity to the Angh virus.

He shrugged from the sling holding his sleeping Fam, looked around for somewhere to put her.

No wonder he felt suffocated, the Fam had decided to honor him by sleeping on him.

Tinne smiled down at the Fam, then actually squatted beside the large cat.

Now she stared down at the Fam, whose white-furred areas seemed a little slimy.

Perhaps She will not mind if a Fam to a blacksmith takes the stone from Her fountain.

He snapped his mouth shut before he made any disparaging remarks about his Fam, tempting though they were.

Then the Fam would jump down and go over and sit before the black Egyptian cat-goddess statue that graced one of the dim corners of the room.

Residence, pursuing her career, catering to your needs, befriending your Fam, fulfilling the responsibilities demanded by the FirstFamilies Council for people of your rank.