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Fala (dog)

Fala (April 7, 1940 – April 5, 1952), a Scottish Terrier, was the dog of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. One of the most famous presidential pets, Fala captured the attention of the public in the United States and followed Roosevelt everywhere, becoming part of his public image. Given to the Roosevelts by a cousin, Fala knew how to perform tricks; his White House antics were widely covered in the media and often referenced both by Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt. Fala survived Roosevelt by seven years and was buried beside him. A statue of him beside Roosevelt is prominently featured in Washington, D.C.'s Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the only presidential pet so honored. Another statue of him has been placed at Puerto Rico's "Paseo de los Presidentes" in San Juan.


The Armed Forces of the Liberation of Angola or FALA was the armed wing of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), an Angolan rebel movement that was a prominent a United States ally in the Cold War.

Fala (moth)

Fala is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.

Fala (album)

Fala is a compilation album, published by Poland's record label Polton in 1985. Fala is regarded as the first official presentation of Polish punk rock, new wave music as well as reggae, and most of the songs in the album were recorded at the 1984 Jarocin Festival. The album was the idea of Sławomir Gołaszewski, who asked Robert Brylewski for help with the selection of songs.

The album was produced by Dr Avane, together with Włodzimierz Kowalczyk and Tadeusz Czehak. Mix, overdub – Ekipa Dub Regulator, Shpenyagah, Max Hebel, Dr Avane. Graphic design – Alek Januszewski. Photos – Robert Sobociński, Antoni Zdebiak, Prowokacja.

Usage examples of "fala".

The entire hall had fallen silent, awestruck, as she relayed the legend of the Clachan Fala, the Blood Stone.

A witch, charged with the hiding and protection of the Clachan Fala, stole the stone through witchcraft, to keep safe until a Graham and a Maxwell of the proper graynes joined again in a worthy union.

The fable claims that in order for him to accomplish all these miracles he must be in possession of the Clachan Fala.

Oh yes, this proved him the worthiest man to possess the Clachan Fala.

The legend of the Clachan Fala indicates that a marriage between an Annan Maxwell and an Eden Graham must take place.

After a thousand years of keeping the Clachan Fala safe, she would be the one to muck it all up.

Sir Patrick is probably just like Ridley, obsessed with that stupid legend and determined to find the Clachan Fala.

The Clachan Fala was not yet in hand, but that mattered not at all, as it soon would be.

Had Fayth found this first, they might have succeeded in passing it off as the Clachan Fala.

The Club always made money on the resale of the property purchased for the advance man, like the pawnshop Fala bought.

Py scored a point, and she was absolutely scowling when the airlock door opened and it was Chihin facing Fala and Hallan with a double armload of stsho.

She walked out of the bridge and past na Hallan, who was doing a scrub-down and inventory of the galley cabinets, past Fala, who was doing a life-systems check, and got furtive stares from two eavesdroppers who'd probably rather be in the cold-hold.

There was a markedly subdued atmosphere on the bridge—no Hallan hadn't said a thing, Chihin had been remarkably quiet, and Fala maintained a business-only report on the comflow.

She pulled a chair back, sat down across the round table from Vikktakkht, with Fala and Hallan behind her, and settled back in deliberate casualness.

There the armies of Morgoth that had passed south into the Vale of Sirion and beleaguered Círdan in the Havens of the Falas came up to their aid, and were caught in their ruin.