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The Collaborative International Dictionary

faker \fak"er\, n. [Sometimes erroneously written fakir.]

  1. One who fakes something; as

    1. a thief.

    2. , a peddler of petty things.

    3. a workman who dresses things up. [Slang]

  2. a person who makes deceitful pretenses.

    Syn: imposter, impostor, pretender, fake, fraud, sham, pseudo, pseud, role player.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1846, agent noun from fake (v.).


n. 1 One who fakes something. 2 An impostor or impersonator. 3 (cx obsolete English) A thief. 4 (cx obsolete English) A peddler of petty things. 5 (cx obsolete English) A workman who dresses things up.


n. a person who makes deceitful pretenses [syn: imposter, impostor, pretender, fake, fraud, sham, shammer, pseudo, pseud, role player]

Faker (band)

Faker were an Australian alternative rock band, formed in Sydney in 1996. The band's final line-up consisted of Nathan Hudson (lead vocals and guitar), Nicholas Munnings (guitar and backing vocals), Liam O'Brien (bass guitar) and Daniel Wright (drums).

The band released three studio albums. Faker's first studio album Addicted Romantic, was released in 2005. Prior to that, the band played multiple local gigs, and also released two EPs. In 2007, Faker became a mainstream success with their second album, Be the Twilight, and went on to continue touring nationally. Get Loved, their third album, was a digital-only free release, delivered in December 2011.

Faker (comics)

Faker is a six-issue comic book limited series that started in July 2007 by Vertigo, written by Mike Carey, art by Jock.


Fåker is a village situated in Östersund Municipality, Jämtland County, Sweden with 209 inhabitants in 2005.

Faker (video gamer)

Lee Sang-hyeok (, born May 7, 1996), known by his in-game name Faker , is a South Korean professional League of Legends player. Formerly known as "GoJeonPa" on the Korean server, he was picked up by SK Telecom in 2013 and is currently the mid laner for SK Telecom T1, which competes in the League of Legends Champions Korea.

Faker is renowned for his high mechanical skill at the game, and is considered by many to be the best League of Legends player of all time. He is consistently ranked number one by analysts and often referred to as the "God" of League of Legends. He is one of only two players, along with teammate Bengi, to have won two Summoner's Cups for winning the League of Legends World Championship, having done so in 2013 and 2015 Season. He has also won the Mid-Season Invitational in 2016 and placed second in 2015.

Usage examples of "faker".

The faker, closely held by the constable who had arrested him, and by a brother officer who had hurried up, gave the strange girl one look.

Two years paid that faker and at the end of it I got a boy who hated me because of what that man put in his head.

The faker had got the glaze right, the scrolled red and green curled right, the design ideal.

Doctor Mazda, faker who had aided a murderer, was face to face with The Shadow!

Clad in tuxedo and turban, false beard on his chin, this clever faker was calmly reading a book.

The faker, though quietly dressed in street clothes, was wearing one of his false beards.

Attired in a fancy dressing gown, wearing one of his special beards, the faker showed real anxiety.

He must face this issue - face it without revealing the fact that he was a faker and a rogue.

Antique dealers and fakers think of automatic electric planers, gouging drills you work with a button while having coffee and a fag.

Detective Joe Cardona, for his work in cleaning up the murderous fakers, received the congratulations of Police Commissioner Weston.

But I say, what all the poor nature- fakers will say, that Rollo reasoned.

Except, of course, the people who are already considered to be completely bobo, the paranormalists, the regular batch of fakers and hucksters.

Butcher and Faker can pick over that Seneschet warehouse in Massachusetts and see what they got, but it'll be no sweat--I think we can pick up about seven or eight thousand kilos of ammonium nitrate from the waste-storage area, and we got about a thousand kilos of TNT in storage for the primer loads.

They did a double switch-they put the faker down low, and they put the real bomber up high.

Cooker and Faker were a little better off, with near-total engine failure but at least retaining hull integrity and a small degree of firepower capability.