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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a failure/loss of nerve (=a situation in which someone lacks the courage to do something)
▪ They accused the government of a loss of nerve.
admission of guilt/defeat/failure etc
▪ Silence is often interpreted as an admission of guilt.
be doomed to failure/defeat/extinction etc
▪ Many species are doomed to extinction.
brake failure (=when brakes do not work)
▪ What should you do in the event of a brake failure?
cardiac arrest/failure (=when the heart stops working)
crop failure (=failure to grow or produce food)
▪ Ethiopia's 1989 crop failure was disastrous.
dismal failure
▪ Her scheme was a dismal failure.
engine failure (=when an engine stops working suddenly)
▪ Their aircraft suffered engine failure and crashed into the sea.
heart failure
ignominious defeat/failure/retreat etc
judge sth a success/failure (=consider it to be a success/failure)
▪ The concert was judged a success.
mechanical failure
▪ The flight has been cancelled due to mechanical failure.
meet with success/failure (=succeed or fail)
▪ Our attempts at negotiation finally met with some success.
power failure
signal achievement/success/failure etc
▪ The university has done me the signal honour of making me an Honorary Fellow.
the success/failure rate
▪ The success rate is still extremely low.
total failure/disaster
▪ The sales campaign was a total disaster.
▪ In this regard, increased plasma renin activity and decreased renal prostaglandin production have been reported in patients with acute liver failure.
▪ This is seen commonly in acute renal failure, and less commonly in chronic renal failure.
▪ Mrs Barnett, 35, suffered acute liver failure after a rare reaction to a drug.
▪ The following example is illustrative: Case 1-4 A 60-year-old man developed acute oliguric renal failure.
▪ Other adverse reactions due to systemic absorption, such as hypoglycaemia, rash, and acute renal failure, are rare.
▪ Hypercalcemia has been observed in the diuretic stage of acute renal failure.
▪ Discussion A problem in studying acute renal failure is the lack of a clearly agreed definition.
▪ You look like you have blown up like a balloon and you feel that you are a complete dieting failure.
▪ But engineers concluded that even a complete failure of the non-critical, rubber O-ring would not endanger the lives of shuttle astronauts.
▪ And then at the end, that they should be complete failures.
▪ They said they were looking at complete liver failure, and swelling of the brain.
▪ But was the move really a complete failure?
▪ And the attempt to start an avalanche of donations was a complete failure.
▪ The first run-through was a complete failure.
▪ In practice, of course, many cases fall between complete success and complete failure.
▪ Jimmy Johnstone's life after football has been a catalogue of defeats and dismal failures.
▪ The play, of course, is a dismal dramatic failure and survives only as a curiosity.
▪ It was a dismal failure. 1926-27 found him hawking a play round London offices with no potential takers.
▪ This debate will no doubt continue, and clearly no project is either a complete success or a dismal failure.
▪ The Gallipoli campaign ended in dismal and costly failure, with withdrawal from the peninsula commencing on 19 December.
▪ They are especially dismal failures in this regard because in fact they support these prejudices.
▪ It was a dismal failure, and was followed by restrictive legislation against the unions and by victimization of many union activists.
▪ Police say mechanical failure has not yet been ruled out.
▪ The crashes have been attributed to a variety of problems, from human error to software glitches to mechanical failure.
▪ It was no goddam accident, no goddam mechanical failure, some one deliberately unhitched that car.
▪ Nothing, save an accident or mechanical failure could keep him from winning.
▪ Take-off even in the conventional manner is a critical phase, unforgiving of mechanical failure or human error.
▪ If it proves to be a mechanical failure, additional safety measures may be required.
▪ Due to mechanical failure the remaining six races had to be abandoned.
▪ For a long time, three main theories dominated discussion of the tragedy: bomb, missile or mechanical failure.
▪ Patients aged under 18, bedridden patients, and patients with renal failure or a history of kidney transplantation were excluded.
▪ Patients with renal failure are, in effect, undergoing an osmotic diuresis since solute load per remaining functioning nephron is increased.
▪ The results in patients with chronic renal failure are interesting, but clinically irrelevant.
▪ This is seen commonly in acute renal failure, and less commonly in chronic renal failure.
▪ This definition would not identify severe renal failure in children.
▪ However, end-stage renal failure caused by chronic hypokalemia is extremely rare in humans.
▪ Fever, muscle rigidity, and seizures may produce rhabdomyolysis and subsequent renal failure.
▪ This occurs because the gastrointestinal absorption of magnesium is not depressed in chronic renal failure.
▪ Now she finally had to admit that it had all been a total failure.
▪ A small indulgence is viewed as a total failure, and uncontrolled rebound eating follows.
▪ This work must be well organised and error-free on the night or the result will be total failure.
▪ If this occurs, the buyer can no longer claim to have suffered a total failure of consideration.
▪ But they must also provide powerful facilities to reduce the proportion of total failures and to aid demanding and persistent users.
▪ This is an absolute necessity and to work in defiance of it means total failure.
▪ The risk of total failure is, of course, part of the price of love.
▪ Moreover, business failures are expected to continue rising, especially among small firms.
▪ The inability to control this growth is a major cause of business failures.
▪ However, historical reviews of business failure rates show that the incidence of new product failure is very high and costly.
▪ There are plenty of business failures.
▪ It has stoked catastrophic business failures and contributed to increased unemployment.
▪ Mr. Campbell Business failures are now running at 57 percent. in the north-east and 65 percent. nationally.
▪ A sizeable proportion of these cases were suspected arson and were related to increased business failure because of high interest rates.
▪ The Government wants to reduce penalties for honest business failures while increasing the maximum penalties on dishonest bankrupts.
▪ The short-term cause of overriding local significance were the droughts and crop failures in 1920 and 1921.
▪ After that, depending on the region, comes the danger of drought and crop failure.
▪ Global warming will deeply affect poor countries, leading to huge numbers of refugees, crop failures, and extreme weather.
▪ But buy some reserve seeds in case of crop failures or for successive sowings of fast-maturing varieties such as lettuce and radishes.
▪ Both the 1987 and 1989 crop failures followed good years.
▪ Tight supplies worldwide have kept traders focused on any potential crop failure.
▪ So whether the problem be set aside, crop failure or simple loneliness, the message to farmers is clear.
▪ Years of drought, crop failure and migration have meant that land is continually withdrawn from active production.
▪ The cause of engine failure was at length discovered.
▪ There were two aircraft casualties, a Zero crashed on take-off from the Hiryu and a Kate suffered engine failure.
▪ An investigation into the crash found no evidence of engine failure - the problem was loss of power.
▪ Pilots normally feather propellers for two reasons: because of engine failure or a racing propeller.
▪ This means a catastrophic engine failure could send a fragment into the wing and ignite the fuel vapour.
▪ Although the cause of the accident remained under investigation, eyewitnesses said the plane apparently suffered engine failure.
▪ She died penniless, in 1951, of liver and heart failure.
▪ In congestive heart failure, it is diminished because of low cardiac output and reduced arterial distending pressure.
▪ In fact the late Malcolm Forbes died from heart failure.
▪ Starting soon, some one from the Massachusetts center will check up several times a week on senior citizens with congestive heart failure.
▪ Life expectancy for all patients is middle age, and heart failure is the leading cause of death.
▪ If the patient develops early overt congestive heart failure it is contraindicated, but do seriously consider it later.
▪ But fainting, and heart failure, is possible.
▪ Most of what is known about acute aluminium poisoning comes from studying patients treated for kidney failure by dialysis.
▪ People with kidney failure are increasingly undergoing bypass and vessel-opening procedures.
▪ He actually died of kidney failure, set off by a viral infection probably contracted during a Masonic meeting in mid-November.
▪ Long-term use led to heart damage, stroke, kidney failure, and psychosis in some cases.
▪ Voice over Kidney failure has meant Rebekah has suffered from anaemia, low energy and restricted growth.
▪ Kumi was 29 days old when she was euthanized after it was found she had kidney failure and was in severe pain.
▪ Of the 195 hospital cases, 55 developed kidney failure and four children died.
▪ If it fails, diabetes may develop, which can cause blindness and kidney failure. 7.
▪ This patient died of liver failure 2 months after the second operation.
▪ Prolonged use of the liquid, which keeps children alive in the beginning, often causes liver failure later.
▪ In 1973 Wendy Ellis, poor Wendy, a spinster, died aged thirty-five of liver failure.
▪ This caution can not be overstated in light of the decreased glomerular filtration often present in chronic liver failure.
▪ Death is mainly because of exsanguination or liver failure.
▪ She developed progressive liver failure and required a liver transplant.
▪ In this regard, increased plasma renin activity and decreased renal prostaglandin production have been reported in patients with acute liver failure.
▪ They said they were looking at complete liver failure, and swelling of the brain.
▪ This is a specific form of market failure, since the market left to its own devices does not give sufficient knowledge.
▪ There is far greater willingness for action-both individually and collectively-to tackle market imperfections and market failures.
▪ In this event there is said to be market failure.
▪ An additional source of market failure is externalities.
▪ Quite apart from market failure, another reason for rejecting unregulated market coordination is the inequality of social outcomes it produces.
▪ On the supply side, there are two main sources of market failure.
▪ We now review both the theory and evidence of such market failures and the implications for government intervention in sports markets.
▪ Finally, an emergency lighting kit should always be ready in an accessible place, in case of a sudden power failure.
▪ This will prevent the loss of much of your work in the event of a power failure or other mishap.
▪ Breaking the weak link proved a bigger hazard than actual cable breaks or power failures.
▪ The last locally-caused power failure of greater magnitude was the Loma Prieta earthquake in October, 1989.
▪ Half way between Victoria and Gatwick there was a power failure, the lights went out and the train ground to a halt.
▪ The average freezer will keep food frozen for two days in the time of a blackout or a power failure.
▪ It's only a power failure.
▪ Utility officials said the blackout was unrelated to small power failures in San Francisco neighborhoods Monday and Tuesday.
▪ However, historical reviews of business failure rates show that the incidence of new product failure is very high and costly.
▪ We do not recommend birth control or encourage birth control in any way, except to point out its failure rate.
▪ This was an incredible result bearing in mind the general statistics of 98 percent failure rates reported for most dieting attempts.
▪ Over and over again, the studies showed huge failure rates.
▪ After all, there is a 100 percent marriage failure rate for their generation of the House of Windsor.
▪ Because of their high failure rate, small entrepreneurial companies will continue to be volatile places to work.
▪ This course is largely taken by candidates from overseas and there has been a worryingly high failure rate.
▪ Diets work for some Numerous studies show both the failure rates of boomerang diets and an inherited susceptibility to obesity.
▪ Famine is caused by a failure of distribution, rather than a simple lack of food.
▪ Prolonged use of the liquid, which keeps children alive in the beginning, often causes liver failure later.
▪ They have been caused by the failure to impose it consistently.
▪ When something goes wrong, what caused the failure?
▪ Operators used high-voltage induction coils, with the result that the insulation deteriorated, probably causing the cable's failure.
▪ A breakdown in communications between these departments can cause slowdowns and a failure to meet production schedules.
▪ The rubber boot is to stop ingress of dirt, etc. into the splines, causing premature failure.
▪ Could it have been an accident caused by some failure of the pod controls?
▪ The court may intervene where there has been a failure to comply with express procedural requirements.
▪ No company had yet lost government business for failure to comply, but the law was on the books.
▪ A failure to comply with the Order is an offence under the above Act.
▪ Equally, you may have a right of redress if you are dismissed for failure to comply with an unjust order.
▪ This is a matter which can not be too carefully watched since failure to comply renders the member liable to heavy penalties.
▪ But his resistance was doomed to failure as the courtiers' position was confirmed by several royal decrees.
▪ Any attempt to legislate goodwill in the market-place is doomed to failure.
▪ Once again his efforts were doomed to failure.
▪ But after a month with no reply, it seemed that even this approach was doomed to failure.
▪ Even so, such alliances are, in the long run, doomed to failure.
▪ It was now obvious that repeated military efforts by a single state were doomed to failure.
▪ Another airborne bid for peace that Churchill disapproved of, likewise doomed to failure.
▪ The union quest to preserve the rights and prerogatives of unskilled labor are doomed to failure.
▪ Does he not know that one in five of private contracts has ended in failure?
▪ Ultimately, though, the self-defeating organiza-tion ends up attributing its failures to some unalterable aspect of its character.
▪ This too is ending in failure.
▪ If we are serious about ending reading failure, we must work on many fronts at once.
▪ In Washington, the White House said the coup attempt appeared to have ended in failure.
▪ It is of course tragic that her marriage is now ending in failure.
▪ Each attempt had ended in failure.
▪ Defries watched her mission end in failure.
▪ Just as failure often follows failure, success breeds success.
▪ Gould was sacked after a stormy 14 months following Albion's failure to at least make the Third Division promotion play-offs.
▪ Many men buffeted by fortune will reach retirement prematurely; some have had great success to be followed by even greater failure.
▪ The lack of specificity in these indicators leads to manifest failure to achieve equity.
▪ Ironically, even those strategies leading to success can also lead to failure.
▪ The consumption externality leads to market failure.
▪ But this instinct increasingly leads to failure.
▪ Others, however, will develop a chronic and progressive malfunction of the liver that may lead to total liver failure.
▪ Those same lessons apply to changing our attitude from one that leads to failure to one that leads to success.
▪ A lack of ascorbic acid leads to a failure to maintain collagen, and the body can actually come apart.
▪ I would not augment difficulties by protesting against them, as this only led to failure and wasted energy.
▪ The third issue is our failure to meet the demand for new housing.
▪ A breakdown in communications between these departments can cause slowdowns and a failure to meet production schedules.
▪ Is failure to meet Compact goals recorded on reports, records of achievement, testimonials, etc.?
▪ The select committee also criticised his failure to meet researchers from the Commission for Racial Equality over a period of four months.
▪ This gets round the case's failure to provide some important background facts.
▪ If this is true, it points to the continuing failure in providing true encounter in the years before union.
▪ The introduction and failure of this project provide a good idea of why a separate black economic agenda has always been stifled.
▪ Instead a growing number of elderly demented people were admitted because of the local authorities' failure to provide alternative care.
▪ To show contrition for failures to provide price lists to consumers, offenders would volunteer payments to the Treasury.
▪ This shows failure to provide an environment conducive to normal growth, where initiative and independence will develop.
▪ And although the particulars of their initiatives might differ, the underlying causes of success or failure will provide lessons learned.
▪ Rushing through it will result in failure, and very disappointing that can be, too.
▪ Plunging in with both feet and expending large sums on equipment and delicate fishes will almost always result in failure and disappointment.
▪ Its credibility has been severely damaged and its attempts to find a solution to the problem have resulted in abject failure.
▪ The desire of Congress to control the expenditure of the indemnity payments had resulted in the failure of the National Bank bill.
▪ This results in a failure to activate pepsinogen to pepsi and so denature proteins.
▪ This results from a failure in the sealing of the unit and causes condensation to build up between the panes of glass.
(the word) failure/guilt/compromise etc is not in sb's vocabulary
abject poverty/misery/failure etc
▪ A central reason cited for the cutback was the abject failure of highly touted sports movies.
▪ But for some, who didn't get the grades they hoped for, there's abject misery.
▪ For the first three years he endured abject misery.
▪ Its strategy was an abject failure on its own terms, for the Gaullists romped home in the June elections.
▪ The parasite has been nurtured by abject poverty, intermittent political chaos and, some charge, international indifference.
▪ The Sisters also try never to reject anyone in abject poverty, the hungry or starving.
▪ Wealth was much more frequent than abject poverty.
▪ What these hopefuls achieved for their pleasure and pain was a violent lifestyle of abject poverty.
an unmitigated disaster/failure/pleasure etc
▪ On health and safety issues, however, deregulation has been an unmitigated disaster.
▪ She had to admit that he would almost certainly not see the situation as an unmitigated disaster.
▪ So far, the tour had been an unmitigated disaster.
▪ The raid itself was an unmitigated disaster.
▪ What is happening in Assam is an unmitigated disaster.
miserable failure
▪ His ability has been called into question after a number of recent failures.
▪ I feel like such a failure.
▪ It has become the most expensive bank failure in U.S. history.
▪ She never tries anything because she's terrified of failure.
▪ The failure of the international community to deal effectively with the problem has cost thousands of lives.
▪ The failure of the peace talks has led to increased tension on the streets.
▪ Their first attempt to climb Mount Everest ended in failure.
▪ Heart failure means that the heart muscle is not pumping well enough to meet the need for oxygen-rich blood.
▪ If the plaintiff was thrown forwards and injured, then clearly failure to wear a seat belt is contributory negligence.
▪ Innovation demands risk, and risk brings with it the possibility of frequent failure.
▪ Now, swept by red wave upon wave, she had to expiate her failure.
▪ Perhaps it is a movie about the promises and failures of public works in and since the New Deal.
▪ The fragility of life is now characterised by an electricity failure or a virus in computers.
▪ There are various possible reasons for these failures, including errors of recognition and errors of spelling.
▪ This occurs because the gastrointestinal absorption of magnesium is not depressed in chronic renal failure.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fail \Fail\, n. [OF. faille, from failir. See Fail, v. i.]

  1. Miscarriage; failure; deficiency; fault; -- mostly superseded by failure or failing, except in the phrase without fail. ``His highness' fail of issue.''

  2. Death; decease. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, failer, "a failing, deficiency," also "act of failing," from Anglo-French failer, Old French falir "be lacking; not succeed" (see fail (v.)). The verb in Anglo-French used as a noun; ending altered 17c. in English to conform with words in -ure. Meaning "thing or person considered as a failure" is from 1837.


n. state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, opposite of success.

  1. n. an act that fails; "his failure to pass the test"

  2. an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose; "the surprise party was a complete failure" [ant: success]

  3. lack of success; "he felt that his entire life had been a failure"; "that year there was a crop failure" [ant: success]

  4. a person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently [syn: loser, nonstarter, unsuccessful person] [ant: achiever]

  5. an unexpected omission; "he resented my failure to return his call"; "the mechanic's failure to check the brakes"

  6. inability to discharge all your debts as they come due; "the company had to declare bankruptcy"; "fraudulent loans led to the failure of many banks" [syn: bankruptcy]

  7. loss of ability to function normally; "kidney failure"

Failure (band)

Failure is an American alternative rock band from Los Angeles that was active from 1990 to 1997 and from 2014 onwards. They are often compared to other alternative rock bands from that time that were similarly labeled as "alternative", such as Nirvana, and Soundgarden, but are distinguished by their meticulous attention to textural sonic detail, inventive use of guitar effects and signal processing, and the overall expansive sound design of their later albums. Failure reunited in 2014.

Failure (disambiguation)

Failure is not meeting a desirable or intended objective.

Failure may also refer to:

  • Failure (King Missile album), 1998
  • Failure (The Posies album), 1988
  • Failure (Assemblage 23 album), 2001
  • Failure (Outbreak album), 2006
  • Failure (band), a 1990s rock band
  • "Failure" (Sevendust song), a 2006 song by the alternative metal band Sevendust
  • "Failure" (Breaking Benjamin song), a 2015 song by the rock band Breaking Benjamin
  • Failure Magazine, a magazine started in 2000

Fail may refer to:

  • Fail, Viseu, a parish in Portugal
Failure (King Missile album)

Failure is the seventh album by avant-garde band King Missile, and the band's first in its incarnation as "King Missile III." It was released on September 15, 1998.

Failure (The Posies album)

Failure is the debut album of The Posies. It was first released independently in 1988 on cassette only. In 1989 it was reissued on cassette, LP and CD in 1989 on PopLlama Records. Due to playing time restrictions imposed by the LP manufacturer the band was forced to drop one song from the PopLlama LP edition. The CD version had no time restrictions and includes the same content as the cassette.

It was later remastered and reissued again in 2004 on Houston Party Records. "I May Hate You Sometimes" appears in Children of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era, 1976–1995, and was also featured in the 2000 Daria telemovie Is It Fall Yet? as the ending-credits song.

Failure (Sevendust song)

Failure is a song by the alternative metal band Sevendust from their fifth studio album Next. It was released as a single in 2006.


Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. Product failure ranges from failure to sell the product to fracture of the product, in the worst cases leading to personal injury, the province of forensic engineering.

Failure (Assemblage 23 album)

Failure is Assemblage 23's second album, released through Gashed! and, later, Metropolis Records in 2001. The album contains many energetic EBM songs led by emotionally charged lyrics. Most notably from this album came the single "Disappoint," released just before Metropolis' re-release of Failure.

Failure (Outbreak album)

Failure is the first studio album by Maine hardcore punk band Outbreak. It was released in 2006 on Bridge 9 Records.

Failure (Breaking Benjamin song)

"Failure" is a song by American rock band Breaking Benjamin. The song was released on March 23, 2015 as the lead single on the band's fifth studio album, Dark Before Dawn. The track marks the band's first release since the start of an extended hiatus entered upon in mid-2010, and is also the first recording to feature a different lineup alongside singer, writer, and guitarist Benjamin Burnley. The track is their third single to reach No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, after " Breath" (2006) and " I Will Not Bow" (2009), and spent nine weeks there.

Usage examples of "failure".

The abutments also must be strong enough to take safely the thrust of the weighted arch, as the slightest movement in these supports will cause deflection and failure.

And of course they do not tell us of the more than a thousand deaths each year in the United States from the use of aspirin, or the apparent 5,000 annual cases of kidney failure from the use of acetaminophen, of which the best-selling brand is Tylenol.

The United States was prepared neither to seize the leadership nor to acquiesce in Japanese control of China which must result from failure to seize it.

Margland was a woman of family and fashion, but reduced, through the gaming and extravagance of her father, to such indigence, that, after sundry failures in higher attempts, she was compelled to acquiesce in the good offices of her friends, which placed her as a governess in the house of Sir Hugh.

It offers itself for belief, and, if believed, it is acted on unless some other belief outweighs it, or some failure of energy stifles the movement at its birth.

If Addis spoke lightly of your role, it was only to permit you to refuse with no embarrassment, since in failure your fate will be worse than his.

The various corticoids, singly and together, could be used in cases of adrenal cortical failure much as insulin is used in diabetes.

The sympathetic system, and the adrenal medulla, too, are not necessary for life, except insofar as failure to react properly to an emergency may be fatal.

Honorius the afrit, apoplectic at the failure of its magic, had flung itself forward into the path of the advancing golem.

High blood pressure magnifies the aging and symptoms associated with diabetes, causes kidney failure and many other hormone-related conditions, and be triggered by thyroid, adrenal, or kidney problems.

Base they were met by the owner of the dry voice, still complaining about their failure to use the Amalgamated protocol.

Orthean weapons had largely been a failure, simply because Ortheans fight ambidextrously and I remained obstinately right-handed.

Air Force itself, were suffering a mild form of anomia - the loss of the ability to name an object correctly - as evidenced by their failure to recognize such obviously common things as weather balloons, planets, comets, etc.

There is not simply an inquiry as to the value of classic culture, a certain jealousy of the schools where it is obtained, a rough popular contempt for the graces of learning, a failure to see any connection between the first aorist and the rolling of steel rails, but there is arising an angry protest against the conditions of a life which make one free of the serene heights of thought and give him range of all intellectual countries, and keep another at the spade and the loom, year after year, that he may earn food for the day and lodging for the night.

Court took cognizance of the full hearing accorded the appellant, and of his failure to choose another route, although he was at liberty to do so.