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n. (plural of fad English)


Fads are practices or interests followed for a time with exaggerated zeal.

FADS may also refer to:

  • FMN adenylyltransferase
  • FADS (candy), an Australian candy cigarette

Usage examples of "fads".

A lazy Susan stood in the middle of the table, so crowded now with jars and bottles and cruets and sifters containing all their particular fads in condiments and seasonings that the twirling platform stalled out mid-circuit beneath the burden it bore.

And there were obvious advantages when it came to the other fads of the day: bicycling and lawn tennis.

I do analyzing fads and fashions, you get so you can spot them at first sight: ecohippie, jogger, Wall Street M.

Science has its fads and crazes, like anything else: string theory, eugenics, mesmerism.

They were, in the late eighties, and then, like a lot of fads, instead of dying out, they settled into a small but permanent niche in society.

Bo Derek, Dorothy Hamill, Jackie Kennedy, had all started hairstyle fads, and they were by no means the first.

HiTek would like nothing more than to know what causes fads so they could invent the next one.

I had no idea where any of these fads came from, even po-mo pink, which some fashion designer had come up with.

Was Bennett really immune to fads or just fashion-impaired, as Flip had said?

Chinese maidens and played mah-jongg, and fads had seemed to come out of the woodwork, superseding each other in months and sometimes weeks.

Had I spread the feeling on to him, like some kind of virus, and was that how fads spread, by infection?

I thought his immunity to fads was part of the key to where fads came from.

Related fads included trimming hats and dresses with lizards, spiders, toads, and centipedes.

It was all so clear: what triggered fads and how scientific breakthroughs happen and why we had won the Niebnitz Grant.

Foster is a statistician who is trying to discover how fads begin so that her company, HiTek, can predict them and perhaps influence them.