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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

popular music style of Portugal, 1902, from Latin fatum "fate, destiny" (see fate (n.)). Because the songs tell the fates of their subjects.


n. A Portuguese folk song, usually featuring a single vocalist, Portuguese guitar and sometimes classical guitar. Lyrical themes are often melancholic in nature; the structure of the song is of greater importance.


n. a sad Portuguese folksong


FADO (which stands for "False and Authentic Documents Online") is a European image-archiving system that was set up to help combat illegal immigration and organised crime. It was established by a Joint Action of the Council of the European Union enacted in 1998.

Fado (Carminho album)

Fado is the first album by Portuguese fado singer Carminho. It was released on 22 May 2009 and was a huge critical and commercial success. It is a more traditional fado album than its followup, Alma, featuring versions of several famous fado songs.

Usage examples of "fado".

One last good landing before he let the federal government buy his boat, the Santo Fado, out of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, and he took up cabinet making, turning his back of the livelihood that had fed seven generations of Rezendez going back to the days when Innsmouth was the whaling capital of the New World.

And as the Santo Fado muttered around the protected areas of Georges Bank, Roberto engaged the sonar scope that made finding fish such a pleasure.

Too much ice could capsize a trawler like the Santo Fado if allowed to build up.

There, out in the cold gray-green Atlantic, he saw the rusty bow of the Santo Fado slip beneath the waves.

Santo Fado, an otter trawler out of Innsmouth and missing for thirty-six hours now.

From the Santo Fado to the Ingo Pungo, the sinkings of ships were designed to conceal their operation and discourage competition for those same fish.