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Fabe may refer to:

  • Fabe (French rapper) (born 1971), a former member of Scred Connexion
  • FABE, Fellow of the Association of Business Executives
  • Dana Fabe (born 1951), American politician
  • Fabian "Fabe" McCarthy (born 1919), Australian rugby player
Fabe (French rapper)

Fabrice "Fabe" (born in 1971 Paris, France) is a French rapper from Barbès, a district of Paris. He is one of the founders of Scred Connexion, an underground French rap group. He started rapping around 1991 releasing his first work as early as 1995. He is mostly known for his thought-provoking and clever use of lyrics. During the French Riots, he was cited in a petition against seven rap musicians and bands, who were alleged to have incited racism and the riots themselves. The claims were dropped shortly afterwards. He retired from the music scene in 2000 and left to study theology in Quebec.

Usage examples of "fabe".

In East Anglia it is named Fabe, Feap, Thape, or Theab berry, probably by reason of a mistake which arose through an incorrect picture.

Duffy, and Fabe for dinner tonight aboard Whiteflower Station, she had stood in front of the mirror in the quarters she shared with Dr.

Knowing Fabe would be put out by my having magic while he had none, I did at least try to share a benefit of this wonder with him.

Trapped and alone on a strange planet and the first time I think of Fabe is when I make one of his lame jokes.