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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But what a fab flagship for variety.
▪ It's fab but it's fairytales.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

fab \fab\ adj. [shortened form of fabulous.] extremely pleasing. [Colloq.]

Syn: fabulous.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1957, slang shortening of fabulous.


Etymology 1

  1. fabulous (great or spectacular). The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, third edition, Houghton Mifflin Company, p. 652 (ISBN 0-395-44895-6) Etymology 2

    n. A manufacturing plant which fabricates items, particularly silicon chips. v

  2. fabricate, especially in the context of fabbers


adj. extremely pleasing; "a fabulous vacation" [syn: fabulous]

Fab (magazine)

fab was a Canadian magazine which targeted the gay community, publishing biweekly issues in Toronto, Ontario from 1994 to 2013. It published alternate weeks to the city's other biweekly gay publication, Xtra!. The publication’s official spelling uses a lower-case F: fab.


Fab or FAB may refer to:

Fab (brand)

The brand Fab is an ice lolly on a stick in the United Kingdom, introduced by J. Lyons & Co. Ltd. who launched the product in 1967. The brand 'FAB' was brought out in order to take advantage of the popularity of Gerry Anderson's new television series Thunderbirds that regularly used the phrase "F-A-B" as an equivalent to "Roger" (communications jargon indicating that a message has been received). The original lolly packaging had a prominent image of Lady Penelope and her butler/driver Parker on the wrapper. The lolly was originally pitched at the female market with the association to purchase being the attraction of Lady Penelope. The equivalent male lolly was the Zoom whose marketing was also connected with the Thunderbirds brand by use of the Thunderbird 3 rocket imagery.

The lolly consists of strawberry fruit ice and vanilla ice with the top portion dipped in chocolate and coated with sugar confectionery (hundreds and thousands). In the modern era, their popularity has reduced having been replaced by lollies such as the Twister and various ice snacks based on cartoon characters, however Nestlé still continue production of the iced snack into the 21st century, both as a single item and as part of a multipack.

The description on the packaging reads "Real Strawberry and vanilla flavour ice lolly with chocolate flavour coating (5%) and sugar strands (5%)".

The fab lolly, Fruit And Berries, has changed from a jelly type centre many years ago, to strawberry ice used now. An orange variety has also been manufactured as has a limited edition lemon flavour, a limited edition apple and blackcurrant flavour (in 2010), and a limited edition tropical flavour in 2015.

The brand connection to the Thunderbirds television series has not been maintained and was quietly dropped in the early 1970s.

Fab (website)

Fab is an e-commerce company founded in 2010. Once estimated at a worth of over $1 billion, in November 2014, the company was rumored to be in talks to sell for as little as $15 million. In March 2015, the digital and ecommerce assets of Fab were acquired by PCH International for an undisclosed sum and has since been relaunched as a new entity with no interaction from the original founders.

It grew from 175,000 members in June 2011, to over 10 million as of December 2012. As of April 30, 2013, Fab disclosed it received 6 million unique visitors per month and had sold over 7 million products since launch. Fab was originally headquartered in Manhattan and operated a warehouse in Keasbey, New Jersey. The company once had office locations in Pune (India), and Berlin.

Usage examples of "fab".

Orbit Approach, this is Starship Impris, Faber Eridani registry Sierra Alfa Niner-Four-Two-Seven-Two, with you at half a million kilometers.

Faber argues, from the very close similarity of all the differently named Mysteries, that they were all Arkite, all derived from one mass of traditions reaching from Noah and embodying his history.

Thanks to our methodology, our yield at the first fab is equivalent to our yield at the new fab.

So the fab building had tremendous pump assemblies, and powerful chillers to cool the magnets.

I was on call all the time, and often had to visit the fabs, in real or virtual space, to help sort out some discrepancy between the plan and the practicalities of construction.

In a blind panic, he 42 Tad Williams dragged himself across the crisping grass of the tent floor toward what looked like a patch of cool darkness, only to find his face pushed up against some black, slippery fab ric.

Also around the world, fab lines casually churn out thirty million microprocessors a day, representing 1023 MIPS.

FInCOM's fab four didn't have much in common with the Alpha Squad.

Two guys named Steve Fahnestalk and Randy Reichardt came in together, from somewhere up in Canada, who knew every song the Beatles ever recorded, together or separately, dead bang perfect-they even had their guitars tuned down half a step the way the Fab Four used to do.

We suffered through similar classes and cloakroom arguments about which of the Fab Four was our favourite Beatle.

The Fab Four from Britain became not merely musicians but symbols of life, hope, change, and survival.

If they had a teraherz scanner, they'd find her in a flash—except these old dumb metal ducts, fabbed from junk metal ore left over from the quarrying of the asteroid, made an excellent Faraday cage.

Your trip itinerary should be able to tell you how all the suite utilities work, including the fabber in the closet over there.

So the festival city's body shop goes to work turning out hacked stem cells and fabbing up incubators.

We're fabbing the wing in Atlanta so that the senator from Georgia will stop messing with us every time we go to the Ex-Im Bank for a big loan.