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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eyre \Eyre\ ([^a]r), n. [OF. erre journey, march, way, fr. L. iter, itineris, a going, way, fr. the root of ire to go. Cf. Errant, Itinerant, Issue.] (O. Eng. Law) A journey in circuit of certain judges called justices in eyre (or in itinere).

Note: They were itinerant judges, who rode the circuit, holding courts in the different counties.


n. (context UK legal obsolete English) A journey in circuit of certain itinerant judges called ''justices in eyre'' (or ''in itinere'').


Eyre may refer to:

Eyre (legal term)

An Eyre or Iter was the name of a circuit traveled by an itinerant justice in medieval England (a Justice in Eyre), or the circuit court over which he presided, or the right of the king (or justices acting in his name) to visit and inspect the holdings of any vassal. The eyre involved visits and inspections at irregular intervals of the houses of all vassals in the kingdom.

Eyre (surname)

Eyre is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Eyre, British-born Jamaican geographer
  • Alan Eyre (diplomat), Persian-language spokesperson of the United States Department of State
  • Charles Petre Eyre, Archbishop of Glasgow
  • Chris Eyre, film director and producer
  • Damian Eyre, Australian police officer murdered in 1988
  • Edward John Eyre, Australian explorer and Jamaican Governor
  • Ella Eyre, British singer-songwriter
  • George Eyre (d. 1839), Royal Navy officer
  • Harry Giles Eyre (1908-1972), Australian Cartoonist
  • Ivan Eyre, Canadian artist
  • James Eyre (disambiguation)
  • Jehu Eyre, figure of the American Revolution
  • Sir John Eyre, English diplomat
  • Les Eyre, former Norwich City F.C. footballer
  • Manuel Eyre, figure of the American Revolution and powerful business leader in the early American Republic
  • Mary Eyre (1923–2013), British sportswoman and administrator
  • M. Banning Eyre, Canadian writer and guitarist, Afropop Worldwide public radio reporter and editor
  • Richard Eyre, English film, theatre and TV director
  • Scott Eyre, Major League Baseball relief pitcher
  • Tommy Eyre, English rock musician
  • William Eyre (disambiguation)
  • Willie Eyre, Major League Baseball relief pitcher
Eyre (given name)

Eyre is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Eyre Coote (East India Company officer) (1726–1783), Irish soldier
  • Eyre Coote (British Army officer) (1760–1823), Irish soldier, nephew of the above
  • Eyre Crowe (1864-1925), British diplomat
  • Eyre Crowe (painter) (1824-1910), British painter
  • Eyre Evans Crowe (1799-1868), British journalist and historian
  • Eyre Massey Shaw (1830-1908), Superintendent of London Fire Brigade

Usage examples of "eyre".

She started to cast herself not only in the role of a doomed lover, Jane Eyre unable to marry her own Rochester, but also in the quite separate role of a naive victim, a woman who had suffered at the hands of an evil and manipulative madman.

The Hilary Eyre High first fifteen were losing almost every scrum, and it was costing them in points.

N'est-ce pas, monsieur, qu'il y a un cadeau pour Mademoiselle Eyre dans votre petit coffre?

John Eyre, who knew the Mason family and was determined to keep his niece from making a bigamous marriage.

Eyre, who knew Richard Mason, decided the wedding had to be stopped in order to save his niece from the disgrace of a bigamous marriage.

Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Brontë in 1847 under the pseudonym Currer Bell.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that Charlotte Brontë's masterpiece Jane Eyre was on show at her old home.

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I said I was sorry for his disappointment, but Jane Eyre was dead: she had died of typhus fever at Lowood.