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Eyo (novel)

Eyo (2009) is an eponymous novel, written by Abidemi Sanusi and published by WordAlive Publishers. In this novel, the author brings out the twin issues of child trafficking and sex slavery, painfully living through the experiences of the many children that are trafficked to Europe each year. Having lived in Europe since the age of fourteen, Abidemi Sanusi uses her experience as a human rights worker specializing in conflict and gender issues to weave a complex story that evokes both anger and a sense of helplessness. It was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize in 2010.


Eyo, EYO or eyo may refer to:

  • Eyo (novel), by Abidemi Sanusi
  • Eyo!, an album by the Belgian band K3
  • Keiyo language, spoken in Kenya (ISO 639 code eyo)
  • Alicya Eyo, British actress
  • Eyo festival, in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Eyo Ita, Nigerian politician
  • Eyo Esua, Nigerian teacher and trade unionist