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The Collaborative International Dictionary

euphrasy \eu"phra*sy\ ([=u]"fr[.a]*s[y^]), n. [NL. euphrasia, fr. Gr. e'yfrasi`a delight, fr. e'yfrai`nein to delight; e'y^ well + frh`n heart, mind: cf. LL. eufrasia, F. eufraise.] (Bot.) The plant eyebright ( Euphrasia officionalis), formerly regarded as beneficial in disorders of the eyes.

Then purged with euphrasy and rue The visual nerve, for he had much to see.


n. Any of the flowering plants of the genus (taxlink Euphrasia genus noshow=1), some of which are used to treat eye infections

Usage examples of "eyebright".

The burn-side turf was all thyme and eyebright and milkwort, with the stars of the grass of Parnassus in the wet places.

It was pleasant walking in the cool shade of the pines on turf which was half thyme and milkwort and eyebright, and presently her spirits rose.

It has been stated to be superior to Eyebright for preserving the sight and curing sore eyes, the distilled water being applied for hurts and blows on the eyes and even in blindness if the crystalline humour is not destroyed.

The Eyebrights hired the entire Crusty Boar tavern to host the festivities.

Drugs, waxed bandages, oil of cloves, blood of the poppy, eyebright, handknives, coiled wire, combs, wax candles, flints, honey, sweetened milk, spare clothes, and clean linen had all been lost.

Mayor Eyebright would sooner miss his father's funeral (and had) than his assigned stint at the toll booth.

Among its British representatives it embraces members so diverse as the Foxglove and Speedwell, the Mullein and Figworts, the Toadflax and the semi-parasites, Eyebright, Bartsia, Cowwheat, and the Red and Yellow Rattles.