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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
be strictly/expressly/absolutely etc forbidden
▪ Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia.
strictly/expressly/explicitly etc forbid
▪ The law strictly forbids racial or sexual discrimination.
▪ With terms expressly agreed by the parties it is not always so easy.
▪ She is designed expressly so that leaving the seafloor is one of the easiest things she can do.
▪ The seller expressly excludes implied provisions, and the buyer expressly includes them.
▪ But Aischines expressly excludes that explanation for Demosthenes.
▪ They were expressly forbidden to engage in any other activities, of course.
▪ Violent shaking or other gross indignities are expressly forbidden.
▪ He was actually expressly forbidden to speak to me about the matter.
▪ She was going to swim in the lake, alone, because both Nick and her father had expressly forbidden it.
▪ The book of Leviticus expressly forbids it.
▪ First, because rule 14A in any event expressly provides for the court to order otherwise if appropriate.
▪ It is unusual to provide expressly for this contingency and the lease is probably best left silent on this point.
▪ This is expressly provided by article 5 of the articles of government.
▪ His distribution contract did not expressly provide for him to be personally involved in the distribution although his personal involvement was appreciated.
▪ The Court held that he need not state expressly that his quote was a fair quote.
▪ This only serves to emphasise the desirability of stating expressly whether time is or is not to be of the essence.
▪ If the contract expressly states when property is to pass then that is fine.
▪ I was welcomed as the new physics teacher, although I had expressly stated that I was primarily a mathematics teacher.
▪ Although it's not expressly stated in your contract, you are expected to attend weekend training sessions.
▪ It is expressly stated in the sales agreement that the buyer is to pay for any home inspection.
▪ The new law expressly forbids the importation of radioactive waste.
▪ Three songs were written expressly for the movie version of "Show Boat."
▪ Some women expressly blame loneliness for their dissatisfaction.
▪ The Court expressly concedes that this interest is compelling and is promoted by the ordinance.
▪ The Court held that he need not state expressly that his quote was a fair quote.
▪ The London department store Liberty & Co., for example, was founded expressly for that purpose.
▪ The son, apparently, claimed that the partnership had been formed expressly to prevent this happening.
▪ There is nothing in the Act of 1987 which expressly removes any part of that protection.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Expressly \Ex*press"ly\, adv. In an express manner; in direct terms; with distinct purpose; particularly; as, a book written expressly for the young.

The word of the Lord came expressly unto Ezekiel.
--Ezek. i. 3.

I am sent expressly to your lordship.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "in detail, plainly," from express (adj.) + -ly (2). Meaning "for the express purpose" is c.1600.


adv. In an expressive or explicit manner.

  1. adv. for the express purpose; "she needs the money expressly for her patients" [syn: with specific intentions]

  2. in an explicit manner; "he stated expressly that the needed the money by tomorrow" [syn: explicitly]

Usage examples of "expressly".

British accredited representative, expressly provided for the unfettered freedom of conscience.

And although Blessed Albert the Great agrees with the other Doctors, yet he says more expressly that in such matters there is always apostasy either in word or in deed.

Arizona and Australia established expressly for storing antivenins from exotic and deadly reptiles like the King Cobra and Tiger Snakes.

It is expressly declared in the Assise of Jerusalem, that after instituting, for his knights and barons, the court of peers, in which he presided himself, Godfrey of Bouillon established a second tribunal, in which his person was represented by his viscount.

We keep a supply of ready-cut balsa logs for expressly this purpose, and we are accustomed to lashing rafts together in an hour or two.

Captain Barker, however, resented the marriage on the ground that she was out of place in a pavilion expressly designed for a confirmed bachelor.

Father Beron had been adjoined to the commission by Guzman Bento expressly for the purpose that his enlightened zeal should assist them in their labours.

This general state of malnutrition, coupled with the many definite maladies from which the people suffer, and with the fact that their common habits of eating might have been expressly designed to produce infection, makes physically poor bodies whose resistance to any and all disease is terribly low.

The two dozen embryos arrayed upon the counter, each one no more than a few millimeters long and each suspended in a sterile dish containing an artificial growth medium of her own invention, were the end of a long and meticulous process of elimination and experimentation, expressly designed to create human embryos genetically superior to those created through the random genetic shuffling of ordinary reproduction.

And, to avoid misconstruction, the last clause of the fifth section of said Act, which authorizes the person holding a warrant for the arrest or detention of a Fugitive Slave to summon to his aid the posse comitatus, and which declares it to be the duty of all good citizens to assist him in its execution, ought to be so amended as to expressly limit the authority and duty to cases in which there shall be resistance, or danger of resistance or rescue.

This expressly decreed that nothing could outrace the speed of light and yet here were physicists insisting that, somehow, at the subatomic level, information could.

He accompanies this bill with a report, in which last he expressly recommends that the Missouri Compromise shall neither be affirmed nor repealed.

I should have set this bird down as a blue rock thrush or passero solitario, for I know these birds breed yearly on the Sacro Monte, and no bird sings so sweetly as they do, but we are expressly told that Caimi did not reach Varallo till the end of the year, and the passeri solitarii have all migrated by the end of August.

This had such an effect upon the rider that he had thenceforward to become a munificent benefactor of the Sacro Monte, and expressly desired to be buried there.

According to Williams, all of the children conceived at the original Chrysalis had been expressly endowed with a genetic immunity to all forms of streptococcus, including this particularly virulent strain, but Dhasal did not intend to accept that premise as a given until tested.